This project has been completed. 

B. Marika, 64,  is one of Australia’s national living treasures. She recently received received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Flinders University in April 2018 and said “I accepted this award on behalf of my family and my grand children so they can see this can be their future”. This comment is very much a reflection of the way Banduk thinks and talks.

Sacred Food is a network of Aboriginal owned and managed bush food cooperatives, collectives and companies. The Sacred Food logo is a way for consumers to know that they are buying food sourced from Aboriginal owned associations.

2017 Mata Mata Support Visit. A Message from Batumbil Burarrwanga: The time has come for us to gather at the sacred wäŋa (homelands) again. Last year was such a great pleasure to “walk the yolŋu road” with my sons, grandson, sisters and friends from all over Australia. My “team” of visitors allowed us to retrace the footsteps of my father and our journey so many years ago across the lands we sing and dance and guard. It meant a great deal to the entire community.

Help us send Gerry to the USA in the footsteps of Paddy Mills. I am seeking sponsorship/ funding to help cover costs required by my son Gerry Ansey (17 years old). 

A once in a lifetime chance to walk "the Yolngu road" through one of the most beautiful parts of North East Arnhem Land. This 60 km walk is by invitation only and requires the approval and consent of the traditional owners and residents of the area.

NUDJ supports the professional and personal development of Aboriginal plumbers. Water and sanitation are key health and safety issues for any community. Whether in cities, regional towns, remote areas or even in camping areas, plumbing makes a big contribution towards the quality of life for all people. There is high demand for Aboriginal plumbers across Australia. Having high quality water infrastructure and well maintained water supplies is one of the top issues that Australian communities face.

Stephen "Baamba Albert is a national living treasure. He is an actor, singer, community leader, educator and is one of Broome's living icons. A  legendary entertainer and singer in Broome in the 1960s. 

Baamba is an Indigenous Australian actor and singer who is loved by the hundreds of audiences that he has performed for over four decades. He is one of the ISX's national living treasures. He is an inspiration to his community and is one of the great modern generation of Broome leaders who also contributed to the development of all of the Aboriginal nations of Australia.

Mata Mata is the oldest of the Yolngu homelands in North East Arnhem land. It was established by visionary elders after the second world war. It is a place of incredible physical beauty, sacred knowledge, magic and strong culture that is 50,000 years old plus.

The Rumbalara Football/Netball Club Inc(RFNC) was founded in the early 1970’s and traces it’s history to the football teams coming out of the Yorta Yoart heartland of Cummergunja which fielded strong team from the late 1890’s to the mid 1940’s. Whist it had taken a new generation of Yorta Yorta peoples to be admitted into a mainstream sporting League in 1997, Rumba (as it is known) now bases itself in Shepparton’s Northern end at its Mercury Drive Sporting complex.

The Seven Generations Plan was developed under the auspices of Habitat Personnell and the South Coast Aboriginal Community Development Organisation It was meant to be a planning guide for current generations of children and the grand children of the future. It is useful as a discussion document and its owners are the Yuin/Ngunnawal people and the Aboriginal people that have come to the South Coast of NSW,  the inland areas including the Australian Capital Territory. 

Beringil is the traditional Yuin word for ceremonial feast, this project is about supporting and developing the Aboriginal food industry on Yuin country in the NSW South Coast.

Goolarri Media Enterprises (GME) is a complex of entrepreneurial units that are highly successful in several fields. In 2014 Goolarri is looking for private equity and venture capital partners. This is a major opportunity for private sector partners to develop their businesses by partnering with the pre-eminent Broome communications company. Our goal is to secure partners who are prepared to invest $100k into each major division of our business in return for naming, sponsorship and consultation rights.

Goolarri Television 


TRYP (To Reach Your Potential) is the brain child of Col Watego, a proud Bundjalung and Torres Strait Island man with a distinguished 39 year career in the Australian military.

In disadvantaged communities there is sometimes a generational overhang in which young children at primary school do not have the guidance that is needed to help them when they encounter life problems. This then turns into a vicious circle that carries on into adolescence and adulthood. This project is about creating a way for young people to get back on track and to find a good pathway through life and learning. The shed will give young people  the opportunity to repair bicycles, skateboards and to learn about road safety.

Campaign Briggs This campaign aims to raise $100,000 in 2015/16 . This will be the foundation stone of an endowment to create creative space, recording studios and a base for Briggs creative and community work. The Trust will be a perpetual fund. Some interest will be re-invested into the Trust and some will go into supporting projects each year.


I'd like to share my vision with you and invite you to spread the word across your networks, and to be part of an upcoming event called 1,000 Flowers.

Project location is QLD, Old Mapoon via Weipa, Cape York.

We want to create employment and training opportunities for local indigenous community members and to to build a sustainable community.

Agriculture, forestry and fishing

We want to create agriculture, forestry and fishing businesses that are Indigenous from top to bottom. We want to see more Indigenous Traineeships for young local indigenous residents.