Rumbalara River Gums

The Rumbalara Football/Netball Club Inc(RFNC) was founded in the early 1970’s and traces it’s history to the football teams coming out of the Yorta Yoart heartland of Cummergunja which fielded strong team from the late 1890’s to the mid 1940’s. Whist it had taken a new generation of Yorta Yorta peoples to be admitted into a mainstream sporting League in 1997, Rumba (as it is known) now bases itself in Shepparton’s Northern end at its Mercury Drive Sporting complex. In Rumba’s short competitive history the reforming in 1997, it has won 19 premierships across all grades, including three senior football and three A grade netball premierships.


To be a lead national Aboriginal Sporting Club renowned for its success on and off the field and court. Through sport we support strong Aboriginal cultural identity, expression and celebration and equal life opportunities for all.

Rumbalara Football/Netball Club Values

Loyalty; Respect; Passion; Determination; and Integrity. 

Social Contribution

Rumbalara Football and Netball Club addresses fundamental health and social issues by running a range of initiatives across culture, sports, leadership, health, education, employment and reconciliation. Programs are aimed at improving lifestyles for Aboriginal people so they can confidently express their culture and identity, while at the same time building bridges within the broader community. RFNC has been recognised for its work amongst the community by winning the Building Health Through Sports category at the 2013 Victorian Health Promotion Foundation Awards recently held in Melbourne. 


Project description: 
Rumbalara Football and Netball club is nationally renowned for its sporting achievements and its economic, social and cultural support for the Yorta Yorta and national Aboriginal community.
Contact Name: 
Kylie Briggs
Contact Phone: 
03 5822 4364
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Campaign summary: 
River Gums are strong, resilient trees with very deep roots. They survive floods, drought and are hundreds of years old. The Rumbalara River Gums are a tight and exclusive club of 100 private individuals who contribute $500 each year for ten years to support the clubs social programs. River Gum supporters generally live outside Shepparton and often outside of Victoria but they are always welcome at the club and are always acknowledged at club events. The River Gum contribution is a tap root that gives the club its stability and foundation and is very much appreciated. Rumbalara River Gum caps are exclusive, numbered and treasured items.