Manufacture of craft suitable for use by yachties and recreational fishermen. Using composite products we have been able to replicate the traditional rubber duck in a product that is unsinkable, has durability and is user friendly.

Through Gumbudda CDEP Aboriginal Corporation Aboriginal long term unemployed people were given the opportunity to work with a local boat builder. While hosted with this employer they learnt the skills required to build small craft.

The International Indigenous Business Web Portal. This portal aims to facilitate business amongst indigenous nations on both a national and international level. Although at an early stage of development, we believe that this pre-release of the portal is in the best interest of organisations and communities we will be representing. We are currently processing, verifying, and gathering data for the portal and we would welcome your input.

The enterprise is a cafe that provides not only standard cafe food but will also offer Indigenous dishes and Indigenous experiences for the tourist and domestic market. The essential reason for choosing to sell Indigenous foods and experiences is because research has shown that the Indigenous foods and cultural market is a growing market and there is a potential for <i>Bough Shed Cafe</i> to grow and maximise its profit from this expanding market.<p>

The Didjshop Internet Cafe promotes and markets Aboriginal Art and culture within a Information technology environment.<p>
The business is designed to maximise the exposure of Aboriginal culture. Customers will find themselves sitting in a cafe enjoying the best coffee available, while doing their internet,viewing Aboriginal Art produced by local artists.<p>
The Market mix includes the three products in one concept. Most customers will do the internet and buy a coffee. Some customers may just want to buy a didjeridu and check their email as well.<p>

My name is Janine Connors & my business idea is I'd like to go into a chain of hotels about 4-5, here in NSW & also QLD. <p>

Descendance is Australia's leading international cultural dance Export having toured 18 countries, with a permanent residency at The Red Centre Resort in Alice Springs the world wide demand continues to increase.<p>

Our goal is to develop a centre that will provide skills, knowledge and awareness for emerging Indigenous Communities/outstations/new homelands looking at ways to establish their communities for future sustainability using alternative applications of power and water and the establishment of ventures for the focus of sustainability, life style and profit. <p>
The enterprise will hold a sustainable community development focus and provide research and training for Indigenous governance in the areas of:<p><ul>


<li>Providing opportunity for individuals subject to long term unemployment to engage actively in the workforce.
<li>Mentoring and coaching for work readiness
<li>Personal Development (Training, providing opportunity for obtaining various certificates and licenses)
<li>To link them with local business and secure long term employment opportunities.

The Yorta Yorta people and Parks Victoria are working towards using Dharnya as a centre for delivering a range of technical and tertiary education programs.<p>
The Dharynya Centre and surrounding Barmah State Forest lie within the traditional territory of the Yorta Yorta people. The Yorta Yorta have occupied this land for thousands of years.<p>
The collective knowledge and skills of the Yorta Yorta people frames the land. They intend to use this knowledge to provide experiences to help participants understand and respect Yorta Yorta culture and land.<p>

G'day, my name is Cilla Atkinson and I am of Bangerang/Yorta Yorta ancestry. I graduated from Murray School of Massage in Echuca in 2002 and have been running my own business for the last 18 months.<p>

My business is called Galnya which is a Yorta Yorta word meaning honesty, goodness, happiness and beauty and this forms the philosophy by which I run my company.<p>

Dharnya is the name for the cultural centre located in a traditional Indigenous meeting area and settlement of the Murray Darling basin. The area was the heartland of a remarkable Indigenous civilisation of to 70,000 Indigenous people, who lived in the vicinity in the time before the coming of Europeans. As a result of the efforts of the contemporary community, Dharnya remains an epicentre of Yorta Yorta cultural heritage. It is an ideal site for learning, for social and environmental business and for celebrating Yorta Yorta culture.

<a href="">Watch Clive Atkinson present the case for Investing and Supporting Mirrimbeena</a><p>

Clive Atkinson's Shields Designed specially for the Commonwealth Games<p>

<b>Project Purpose</b><p>
To further progress the expansion of Online Patient Health Records for Aboriginal people in remote and regional communities.<p>

At present a project is underway to provide Online Patient Health Records for all of the people in the eleven communities of the Ngannyatjarra Lands in W.A.. They will become the first Aboriginal community in Australia where all of their people will have online health records entered for all their visits to nurses or doctors in their remote clinics and participating hospitals.<p>

Miss Emily Aboriginal Art commenced as a CDEP program approximately 5-6 years ago. After
approximately 3 years Barbara Egan, one of the CDEP participants became the sole
owner of the business. "Miss Emily Aboriginal Art" is registered in Barbara's name.
The business commenced with the manufacturing of hand dyed silk scarves. Framed silk
art work was also produced. This process was supported through training provided by
Sunraysia Institute of TAFE. Business Mentoring support was provided by Madec Jobs

<b>1 Introduction</b><p>

This is a project to organize the establishment of local Technology Training and Support Centres (TTSC) in regional and remote communities. The primary beneficiaries will be Indigenous communities who are socially or economically disadvantaged and are on the other side of the Digital Divide.<p>

<b>What would a TTSC look like?</b><p>

Ganbina ( has been offered an opportunity to manufacture and distribute a unique patented seat cushion devised by The SeatWorks ( Funding to develop a full feasibility study and business plan for this enterprise is required.

Ganbina was established in 1997, to represent the Indigenous community in the Goulburn Valley. It is recognized that for young people to succeed in the Shepparton and Mooroopna area, they face significant barriers. Additionally, they carry the burden of being leaders and role models.<p>

Ganbina has established awards in the areas of education, training and employment to acknowledge the achievements and efforts of some of these individuals and to encourage them on their journeys forward.<p>

The Region and its Koori community

At the Yawuru trading floor in May 2004, an exciting new partnership was announced between the Kimberley Aboriginal Pastoralists Assn (KAPA) and the Northern Cattle Alliance (NCA) from Cape York. The Northern Indigenous Pastoral Alliance (NIPA), as the partnership is known, will, among other things, develop a franchise business model for IPEs.
NIPA believes that the franchise model can deliver the possibility of sustainable IPEs by providing all key stakeholders with the incentives, skills and mentoring necessary to direct and manage indigenous cattle enterprises.