Janine Connors's Indigenous Hotel Tourism Company

My name is Janine Connors & my business idea is I'd like to go into a chain of hotels about 4-5, here in NSW & also QLD. <p>
I'm looking at townships where there is a huge population of Aboriginals because I'd like to eventually employ some through CDEP etc, as I've been in contact with the Community Indigenous Volunteers (ICV) in Canberra & they're looking at providing training further down the track for Aboriginal staff, that's once I've been established & say about in 2-3 years, after my family has been trained up. I'm wanting them trained in hospitality through to security & management. I've also made some enquiries through some government organisations such as the TAFE & DETNAC & also the State & Regional Development.<p>
The floor-plan is going to be done out in Aboriginal Desert designs & prints. I've been in contact with a wharehouse that specialises in all this including the paints in ochres & desert colours & they're based in Sydney & I've been in contact with a person there by the name of Chris de Witt of JMI Designs in St Peters & he's wating on the floorplans of the hotels I wish to purchase so he can give me an estimate of the price of the work to be done. This includes everything through to the menu.<p>

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I'd like to undertake a hotel chain & change it over to an Indigenous perspective
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Janine Connors's Bush Tucker
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janine connors
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