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Didgeridoos, Boomerangs, & Clapping sticks

"Didgeridoos, Boomerangs, & Clapping sticks"

Music video on an internet television channel will provide the newest and most popular media tool for indigenous enterprise in Australia.

Currently there are diverse groups who wish to use this application but do not have the capacity for understanding the online capabilities of the internet.

Gary Dhurrkay Academy

Gary Dhurrkay (4 March 1974 - 21 August 2005) was an inspiring Indigenous Australian rules football player. He remains a hero and role model for the Yolngu people. Gary was inspired by his parents and family. He ventured out into the world but never forgot his roots or his people.

Education Transformations

Education Transformations is a not-for profit organisation which brings expertise and experience in advocacy, education planning, community liaison, holistic community development, governance, infrastructure design, project management and training.

Janine Connors's Indigenous Hotel Tourism Company

My name is Janine Connors & my business idea is I'd like to go into a chain of hotels about 4-5, here in NSW & also QLD. <p>

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