Indigenous Biz

The International Indigenous Business Web Portal. This portal aims to facilitate business amongst indigenous nations on both a national and international level. Although at an early stage of development, we believe that this pre-release of the portal is in the best interest of organisations and communities we will be representing. We are currently processing, verifying, and gathering data for the portal and we would welcome your input. The more valuable the information we can provide through this transmission channel, the better it will serve its purpose: Stimulating Economic Growth Throughout the Global Indigenous Community.

This Project is managed by Proximus Ltd who has significant interests in indigenous populations' development. After undertaking a variety of economic development projects, Proximus noticed a lack of unified information and resources on the web for Indigenous Businesses, especially at the international level. Subsequently, the project was born.

Project description: 
An international indigenous business web portal
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Proximus International
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Pierre-Etienne Vachon
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(644) 475-7364
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There are numerous ways to be part of this new venture. We are looking for organisations, governments, companies, and individuals who will help us in the development of this project. You can provide your input in any of the following ways: Firstly, we are looking for supporters wanting to advertise with us, submit databases and information about their indigenous communities, post news on the home page, provide us with resources (articles and website for our resource center), put links on their websites, and provide feedback about the portal's contents. Secondly, we are looking for indigenous businesses interested in, submitting their information, showcasing their products on our e-market, submitting news and events on our bulletin board, providing us with resources (articles and website for our resource center), advertising with us, and discussing indigenous business issues on our web logs.
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Global Enterprise