Saints versus Bulls - the 2005 West Kimberley Football Association Grand Final

Perhaps you are an AFL talent recruit? Or someone who has moved away from the Kimberley that wants to keep up with WKFA action? Or maybe you are a Saints supporter looking for a permanent record of the great Grand Final victory? Or maybe you want to simply support the development of Goolarri Television and Film Production? Which ever of these options this trading floor entry gives you the opportunity to purchase a copy of the Saints versus Bulls action in 2005. <p>
The purchase contributes to the revenue of Goolarri and BAMA and supports another Indigenous business that is not just a business but also a social and cultural colossus.<p>

Go online and make a payment for this DVD and Goolarri Media Enterprises will send you a copy. This payment is $33 (including GST) for the DVD plus 5.40 postage and handling for each DVD. A total of $38.40. <p>
<a href=" "> Order and pay for the DVD from Goolarri at this link</a> <p>

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Goolarri Media captured all the action of the Saints versus Bulls Grand Final. You can order and purchase copy of the DVD right here.
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Goolarri Media Enterprises
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