Shepparton Koori Student Driver Program

The Region and its Koori community

Shepparton, Victorias fourth largest provincial city, has a population of 59,016. 67% of the population is concentrated in the main urban centres of Shepparton, Mooroopna and Tatura, with the balance of the population residing in the rural areas and surrounding smaller towns of Murchison, Dookie, Merrigum, Congupna, Toolamba, Katandra and Tallygaroopna. Shepparton is the major regional commercial centre, serving a wider regional population of approximately 160,000 (source

The region has a recognised Koori population of 5,000 to 6,000 people, making it both the largest Koori population outside of the Melbourne area and 10% of the local population (Source: Shepparton Regional Indigenous Community Employment & Development Strategies. Dr K Alford, Nov 2002).

Due to the regions negligible public transport, residents of the area have a high degree of reliance on private motor vehicles but car ownership by Kooris is relatively low and few even hold a drivers licence.

Overview of the Proposed Project
Ganbina, with support in 2004 from RACV, as established a student driver program for 16 young indigenous persons seeking to enter mainstream employment.

Target audience
The target audience will be young (16-24 y o) koori males & females such as those undertaking Ganbinas Ladders to Success program to enter full-time mainstream employment in the Greater Shepparton area.

Program Content
The core component of the program is attaining and enhancing driving skills through the use of qualified instructors.
1. For those without licenses:
* Obtaining original birth certificates
* Gaining L Permits

2. For those with L Permits
* Refreshing the skills of the predominate licensed driver through joint drives
* Gaining driving skills with qualified instructors
* Obtaining P Permit (where appropriate)

3. For those with P Permits
* Enhanced defensive driving with qualified instructors
* Country city driving (incorporating various traffic types, fatigue management and navigation)
Further to these all participants will part-take in:
1. First Aid
2. Vehicle maintenance general service and safety checks (changing the spare tyre).
3. Local Magistrate Court discussion as to common driving offences and what it means for the individual.
4. Local Police common L & P plate infringements.
- the simple things that kill (no seat belts, 5 kms over, alcohol).

Expected Outcomes
The benefits of the project include;
* Increasing the numbers of legally licensed drivers in the Goulburn Valley Koori population.
* Increasing the safety margin of car drivers in the Goulburn Valley Koori population.
* Removing a significant barrier to entering the mainstream workforce for young Goulburn Valley Kooris
* Acquisition of a re-usable resource (aboriginal road safety video/resource kit Corrugations to Highways) by the target community.

Project description: 
Due to the Shepparton regions negligible public transport, residents have a high degree of reliance on private motor vehicles but car ownership by Kooris is relatively low and few even hold a drivers licence. This project aims to remove a barrier to employment by assisting 16 young kooris each year to obtain their licence.
Lead Organisation: 
Ganbina Koori Economic Employment & Training Agency Inc
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Adrian Appo, Executive Officer, GANBINA
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03 5821 7333
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0428 217 332
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03 5831 6511
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Funding support to continue the program in 2005 and beyond
Current Partners: 
Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (2004)
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