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B. Marika

This project has been completed. 

B. Marika, 64,  is one of Australia’s national living treasures. She recently received received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Flinders University in April 2018 and said “I accepted this award on behalf of my family and my grand children so they can see this can be their future”. This comment is very much a reflection of the way Banduk thinks and talks.

NSW South Coast Kids Shed

In disadvantaged communities there is sometimes a generational overhang in which young children at primary school do not have the guidance that is needed to help them when they encounter life problems. This then turns into a vicious circle that carries on into adolescence and adulthood. This project is about creating a way for young people to get back on track and to find a good pathway through life and learning. The shed will give young people  the opportunity to repair bicycles, skateboards and to learn about road safety.

Yalanjiwarra Cultural Recording and Mapping

YJMAC was incorporated in 2004 and has since recorded previously undocumented traditional bio-cultural knowledge such as stories, hunting, gathering, ceremonial practices, art, use of bush foods and medicine, language, ethics, clan boundaries, sacred sites, family histories and land management practices.

During this project Elders, who have now passed on, shared knowledge which would otherwise been lost to future EKY generations.

Gove Youth Strategy

The overall objective of the Youth Forum will be to provide a safe youth friendly environment where young people, from across Gove Peninsula and associated homelands, can feel supported and enabled to participate in activities which will assist in developing their leadership and motivation levels. In addition the Forum will connect young people together in order to develop resilience and a sense of community through developing a better understanding of cultural difference.

Gayili Marika Yunupingu's Dream

<i><b>'I want to leave something behind, something
special for them.'

'I would like to have an arts and crafts workshop where all kinds of people, especially children can learn and create Aboriginal art. That is my dreaming, that is my dream.'

Gayili Marika Yunupingu</i></b>



<li>Providing opportunity for individuals subject to long term unemployment to engage actively in the workforce.
<li>Mentoring and coaching for work readiness
<li>Personal Development (Training, providing opportunity for obtaining various certificates and licenses)
<li>To link them with local business and secure long term employment opportunities.

Miss Emily Aboriginal Art

Miss Emily Aboriginal Art commenced as a CDEP program approximately 5-6 years ago. After
approximately 3 years Barbara Egan, one of the CDEP participants became the sole
owner of the business. "Miss Emily Aboriginal Art" is registered in Barbara's name.
The business commenced with the manufacturing of hand dyed silk scarves. Framed silk
art work was also produced. This process was supported through training provided by
Sunraysia Institute of TAFE. Business Mentoring support was provided by Madec Jobs

Ganbina SeatWorks Enterprise

Ganbina (www.ganbina.com.au) has been offered an opportunity to manufacture and distribute a unique patented seat cushion devised by The SeatWorks (www.theseatworks.com.au). Funding to develop a full feasibility study and business plan for this enterprise is required.

Pandanus Park Freshwater Prawn Farm

<b>The Community</b>
Pandanus Park, ideally situated on the Fitzroy River and Great Northern Highway south of Derby, is establishing a grow-out farm for the production of the giant freshwater prawn or Cherabin for the local and domestic markets. The community has established a small training facility growing Cherabin and barramundi with members undertaking level 2 and 3 aquaculture training. Feasibility study, marketing and business planning has been undertaken, the site cleared, and licensing and approvals underway.<p>


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