Didjshop Internet Cafe

Glenn Bird, Didjshop, Katherine, NT
Glenn Bird and the Didg shop are one of the few Indigenous art middle men that guarantee honesty and integrity when dealing with Indigenous artists.
The Didjshop is looking to expand nationally and is seeking venture capital support.

The Didjshop Internet Cafe promotes and markets Aboriginal Art and culture within a Information technology environment.<p>
The business is designed to maximise the exposure of Aboriginal culture. Customers will find themselves sitting in a cafe enjoying the best coffee available, while doing their internet,viewing Aboriginal Art produced by local artists.<p>
The Market mix includes the three products in one concept. Most customers will do the internet and buy a coffee. Some customers may just want to buy a didjeridu and check their email as well.<p>
The internet access is broadband while other services include A and C drive and Cd access .USB connections are available including memory sticks access, digital cards access, cd burning, scanning and printing facilities and LAN access for your laptop.<p>
The Cafe provides great coffee and lite lunches with a small selection of cakes. The Didjshop Internet Cafe is designed expecially for customers who may like to have a coffee,softdrink or sandwhich while doing their email.<p>
The Aboriginal Art Gallery complements the Cafe and Internet bar adding to the ambience of a fine art gallery setting. The Artists are local including the National Aboriginal Award winning artist Paddy Fordham Wainbarrnga. Katherine Region is where the east ( Arnhem ) and West ( Tanami ) meet. <p>
The Gallery space of Desert Art and Arnhem Art together shows an arrangement which is culturally diverse. <p>
The Future for the business idea includes offering free access to customers away from home. We believe email access can be streamlined though one gateway, therefore customers will be able to access their home accounts at no extra cost to them.

Project description: 
The Didjshop Internet Cafe is an internet cafe which provides internet access and services in an Indigenous environment. It's proprietor Glenn Bird has been in business for many years. He is a trusted and respected and is looking to expand his business operations across Australia. This is a unique opportunity to expand Indigenous employment and support a true Indigenous business and social entrepreneur.
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Thornhawk Pty Ltd
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Glenn Bird
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0889 711681
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The Business needs capital injection to purchase land to build premises. We believe investors will be able to secure their funds on the market value of Land and Buildings. The Land and building will also provide equity finance for working capitial.
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Northern Territory