Seeking Partners and Supporters

Joan Evans

My name is Joan Evans. My family and I are Kuruma. I was born in Roebourne in 1952 and lived there till 1984, when I moved to Wickham. I have two daughters whom have blessed me with five grand children.<p>

Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Foundation

The major project being presented to the ISX for investment and support and currently being undertaken by the foundation is the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Cultural Centre. <p>This project has been under discussion and is now emerging towards development.

Loreen Samson

Born and raised in Roebourne, Loreen has been painting with the Bujee-Nhoor-Pu group for the past 2 years. She has experienced much commercial and critical success - selling more than 100 works through the studio, exhibitions and award shows.<p>
Very much a spontaneous artist, Loreene paints from her heart and wants the story of her Ngarluma people to be heard, good and bad! <p>
Larger than life, Loreen is a vital part of our art group and the wider Roebourne community and has been a featured artist in both our Sydney and Florence exhibitions.<p>

Carlissa Barker

Carlissa Barker is one of the up and coming young generation of Roebourne area Indigenous painters and artisans. Taught by her mother, Marlene Evans, Carlissa produces stunning paintings, drawings and jewellery.<p>

Carlissa was born in Broome and now lives in Wickham. She attended Roebourne Primary School, and completed her secondary studies at Wickham District High School and Karratha Senior High School. Carlissa then attended Roebourne College of TAFE completing Certificate II in Business Studies, Certificate 1 in Engineering and a Horticulture course.<p>

Indigenous Enterprises Australia (IE)

Indigenous Enterprises (IE) is a dynamic Perth based company that specialises in cultural awareness, education, marketing, art and much more.<p>


IE creates innovative and effective programs, campaigns, alliances, opportunities and partnerships with companies, organizations and communities.<P>

Working together with great Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, organizations and companies, magical things happen.<p>


We strive for quality.<p>

Clifton Mack

Clifton Mack is a Yindjibarndi man born in Roebourne (Iremagadu), Western Australia on 15th September, 1953.<p>
Clifton began painting in mid 2001 when he started a tertiary education course. In just six years he has risen to prominence as an original and innovative artist and is viewed as one of the most exciting, contemporary WA artistic talents. Clifton works from the Bujee-Nhoor-Pu Art centre in Cossack, where he spends almost every day immersed for many hours in painting.<p>


The Warawarni-gu (Ngarluma language meaning to heal) Art Centre opened in 2003 as a community based, Not For Profit, Incorporated Association committed to assisting the Indigenous people of the Roebourne Area with enhancing and maintaining quality of life and mental health through art, training, employment, health and personal development. The Centre strongly promotes and supports self determination of the centre participants.<p>

Muralagauh Buai Torres Strait Islander Corporation [ MBTSI ]

MBTSI have been operating very well not only as a CDEP activity, but as a general community resource centre for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in Wickham and Roebourne.<p>

MBTSI continue to operate their second-hand clothing store from their centre, together with the nutrition program designed for those people diagnosed with diabetes.<p>

Textiles continue to be one of the major areas of activity in this group, coupled with jewellery design / production and wood-work.<p>

Kaninda Australia

The ISX first supported Kaninda and Lila back in 2007 at the Pilbara Trading Floor held at Roebourne. Then and now it is a remarkable Aboriginal business of inspiration and determination. Soon you will be able to buy Kaninda designs direct from their website. On this page are some historical steps of this remarkable business.

Back in 2007 we wrote:

Lilla Gagliano of Kaninda Designs has certainly thrown herself into the love and business of fashion.


<a href=""> Roebourne Art Group Coordinator Raelene Saylor talks about the philosophy of Roebourne art at the Bujee-Nhoor-Pu studio. </a><p>

Bujee-Nhoor-Pu is a very active arts group based in Cossack. This group have been operating extremely well, with the art centre full week in and week out. The artists have been very productive in their completion of art-work.<p>


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