Kaninda Designs

Handpainted Kaninda silk
Jesse models a unique Kaninda design
Lilla with some of her designs

<a href="http://www.isx.org.au/resources/clips/1150443585_21754.html">Watch Lilla present her designs, her work, her ideas for the future. Double click on this link.</a><p>

Lilla Gagliano of Kaninda Designs has certainly thrown herself into the love and business of fashion.<p>

Having armed herself with knowledge and practicalities of a Clothing Production course for the past 3 years Lilla certainly has the know how to support her business.<p>

However it is her designs that truly speak for her talent.<p>

Kaninda is a label aimed at women between the ages of 18 to 30. The designs are quirky and funked up. Each piece shows her Indigenous background but has an appeal to the general market.<p>

Her designs hark back to the naturalistic, landscape colours of Australia. But even with these traditional inspirations Lillas designs speak to a generation with a fun loving attitude. Someone who enjoys getting into mischief and is always looking for excitement.<p>

Lilla has displayed her designs at the Lions Fenacle Festival held in Karratha 2003 and at the Say It Loud Youth Festival held in Dampier 2004. These parades led Lilla to being commissioned by the Karratha Youth Housing Project and the Police and Citizens Youth Club to design and outfit 15 bodies for a grooming and deportment modelling program.<p>

Lilla has also been interviewed by GWN News in regards to her up and coming design career. She also travelled to Florence with other artists from the Roebourne region.<p>

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Lilla Gagliano is passionate about fashion and design. Kaninda Designs is gaining attention as young, funky label aimed at women between 18 and 30.
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Kaninda Designs
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Lilla Galigano
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08 9187 0437
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Western Australia - Pilbara