Muralagauh Buai Torres Strait Islander Corporation [ MBTSI ]

MBTSI have been operating very well not only as a CDEP activity, but as a general community resource centre for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in Wickham and Roebourne.<p>

MBTSI continue to operate their second-hand clothing store from their centre, together with the nutrition program designed for those people diagnosed with diabetes.<p>

Textiles continue to be one of the major areas of activity in this group, coupled with jewellery design / production and wood-work.<p>

Work is underway in organising the 2006 Coming of the Light Festival which continues to generate enormous interest in the general community.<p>

Project description: 
Muralagauh Buai is a wonderful and inspiring centre where good friends come to meet and work each day. It is a one-stop shop for art, second hand clothing, nutrition programs as well as a creative centre.
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Roebourne Arts Group
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Raelene Saylor
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(08) 91821121
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Western Australia - Pilbara