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Ngarda* Civil & Mining

Ngarda* is the Yindjibarndi word for Aboriginal people.

Ngarda Civil & Mining is the acknowledged industry leader in Indigenous employment in the Australian mining industry. It has a workforce of 168, 85 per cent of whom are Indigenous people. The company currently has 6 apprentices, 47 trainees and 2 Academy based trainees. There are 27 Indigenous personnel completing Certificate III in Metalliferous Mining Operations.

Ngarda Ngarli Yarndu Foundation

Our organisation takes pride in its record of advancing the cause of Indigenous economic development.<p>

We see the accumulation of assets and participation in the mainstream economy as one of the significant opportunities for Australia's Indigenous peoples.<p>

It is also a means of ending the poverty to which so many of our people are subjected to and that so often ends in unacceptably high levels of poor health, rates of imprisonment and a number of other social problems being experienced in our communities.<p>

Juluwarlu: Timeless Tradition meets Digital Media

<a href="">Micko Woodley and Lorraine Coppin explain the raison d'etre of Juluwarlu. Click here.</a><p>

<i>Juluwarlu</i> is an Indigenous corporation formed via the Commonwealth Aboriginal Associations Act of 1976. We employ 18 local people on a full-time basis, 15 of whom are Indigenous.<p>

Kullarri NAIDOC Festival

June 30th July 15th<p>

Welcome to the first ever Kullarri NAIDOC Festival, an exciting 15 days of activities showcasing the unique Indigenous cultural heritage and the diversity and excellence of talent of Indigenous peoples of the region. The Kullarri NAIDOC Festival has been developed from local NAIDOC Week celebrations and involves the communities of Broome, Bidyadanga and the Dampier Peninsula.<p>

Grace Fielding Online Art Exhibition

<h1>Patterns Of Life - <i>Art by Grace Fielding</i></h1><p>

Centrefarm Aboriginal Horticulture Ltd

In recent years horticulture has emerged as an important new industry in Central Australia with the potential to provide significant economic and employment opportunities for Aboriginal landowners. <p>
The current industry focus is on production of early maturing table grapes however research by NT Departments responsible for primary industries (DPIFM) has identified citrus, mangoes, tomatoes, asparagus, dates and other commercial crops suitable also.<P>

My Soul, My Heart, My Home

Online Exhibition<p>

<a href=""> Salmon Water<a> <small>(Sold Nov 1)</small><p>

<a href=""> Colours of the Country</a> <small>(For Sale On-Line) </small><p>

Forbidden Love

<i>Forbidden Love</i> is a feature film about an 18 year old, Alan Thompson, who is in a rut and his only escape from the doldrums of life is to end it now! But things are not that clear cut! His mother intervenes and the recovery process reveals that he's adopted. So Alan, with a new perspective on life, heads north to find his biological family. While pursuing his birth parents via a departmental paper chase, Alan discovers the culture of Broome, in North Western Australia.

Kimberley Girl

Although the event is all about glitz, glamour and fun entertainment the true value of Kimberley Girl lies in the important social benefits it will deliver to the contestants and audience members.<p>


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