Juluwarlu: Timeless Tradition meets Digital Media

<a href="http://www.isx.org.au/resources/clips/1150707059_19407.html">Micko Woodley and Lorraine Coppin explain the raison d'etre of Juluwarlu. Click here.</a><p>

<i>Juluwarlu</i> is an Indigenous corporation formed via the Commonwealth Aboriginal Associations Act of 1976. We employ 18 local people on a full-time basis, 15 of whom are Indigenous.<p>

Currently we have a Pundulmurra TAFE lecturer working at our office complex on a full-time basis delivering Certificate III in Multi Media to 9 of our employees.<p>

<i>Juluwarlu</i> preserves the heritage, history and traditions of the Yindjibarndi people. It maintains and sustains the language, traditional law, songs, stories, respect, country, family, galtharra (Skin System), flora and fauna, elders, history and artefacts of the Yindjibarndi people.<p>

Our <b>core business</b> is to collect, store and document knowledge which assists Ngarda to retain and continue traditional Aboriginal practices.<p>

Our <b>organisational objective</b> is to provide a sustainable, professional, institutional structure, which reinforces, engages and allows access to, Ngarda heritage, history and language, effectively empowering Aboriginal people in our cultural, artistic, social, economic, political and environmental pursuits.<p>

<i>Juluwarlu</i> has nine areas of organisational activity including.<p>


<i>Juluwarlu</i> documents Yindjibarndi language via film, oral and written records. Any language is lost if it is not regularly used. Juluwarlu aims to promote the use of our language, because it is a dynamic, living record of our past, present and future. <p>

<b>Environmental Protection</b><br>

Juluwarlu maps traditional Yindjibarndi country. We accurately record culturally appropriate, significant sites, and link the songs, stories and art associated with them, via public mediums such as the Internet, Interactive DVDs, CDs, and written archives. We then actively lobby for their protection.<p>

<b>Flora and Fauna</b><br>

<i>Juluwarlu</i> has already published Wanggalili and Garrugan. Both books document Yindjibarndi Indigenous flora and fauna found in the Pilbara, including description, photo, and traditional uses for the plant or animal.<p>

This work is ongoing with our Elders.<p>


<i>Juluwarlu</i> aim to provide Indigenous educational services for all. By publicly preserving, protecting and promoting an accurate knowledge of Australias Indigenous past, we will not only enhance our own private Indigenous identity, but enrich the lives of the non-Indigenous community members. <p>

<b>Geographical Surveys</b><br>

Utilising its inherent knowledge of country, <i>Juluwarlu</i> will contract its geographical survey, anthropological and archaeological expertise, to other corporate entities. On the 20th of March 2006, Juluwarlu was approved to become the preferred organisation to conduct all cultural heritage surveys in Yindjibarndi country. <p>

<b>Historical Research and Genealogy</b><br>

There are many existing photos, documents, genealogy reports, studies and records, that rightly belong to our people.Juluwarlu is in the business of collecting, collating and returning these records, so they are available for all Yindjibarndi people to access. These records are inputted into Mirnuwarni Ganyjagayi (Yindjibarndi for Learning Keeping Knowledge).<p>

<b>Indigenous Knowledge Consulting</b><br>

<i>Juluwarlu</i> operates a growing Indigenous Knowledge business. <i>Juluwarlu</i> will continue to expand its service utilising its media service combined with our inherent Indigenous knowledge.<p>

<b>Broadcasting and Media Services</b><br>
Via the stand-alone television licence owned by <i>Juluwarlu</i>, we aim to become the fifth free-to-air, 24 hour television station, available through the Pilbara. We also film local community events, people, their stories, and make programs that are of interest to the local community; we have produced a TV commercial, plus we are contracting with several companies to complete Corporate DVDs.<p>

<b>Special Projects</b><br>

The NYFL Cultural Centre Development
Juluwarlu is in the final stages of completing twelve months of community consultation for the construction of the NYFL Cultural Centre to be built in Roebourne. Part of this process has incorporated the creation of a 3 dimensional graphic design, which is the culmination of the communitys vision for the Centre.<p>

Each of the 9 Activity Divisions are allocated tasks, budgets, human resources, timelines and goals. Each division delivers cultural products in various mediums, building on the partnerships developed with Australian institutions.<p>

We are continually seeking support to enhance our work in these areas.<p>

In summary, <i>Juluwarlu</i> is dedicated to the delivery of an authentic, true record of the Yindjibarndi history, and making this available to all, via language, television, documentaries, DVDs, music, photographs, documents, mapping, and computer-based archival knowledge.<p> <i>Juluwarlu</i> utilises the most modern technology to reflect the lives of our local people.<p>

Purchase <i>Juluwarlu</i> products including <b>Wanggalili</b> - a compendium of Yindjibarndi and Ngarluma plants and <b>Garruragan</b> - Yindjibarndi fauna at this link: <a href=" http://www.juluwarlu.pilbara.net/shop.php "> <i>Juluwarlu</i> products and purchases</a>.

You can also view a film produced by <b>Juluwarlu<i> about their work at this link. Please note that if you want to view this film broadband speed is necessary. It will take about 20 minutes to load on ISDN or other connection speeds: <a href=" http://www.isx.org.au/resources/clips/1149489774_12627.html "> <i>Juluwarlu</i> at work</a>.

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Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation preserves the intimate and special knowledge held by Yindjibarndi people by meeting, interviewing, filming, talking and listening to our Elders, and their stories. As much as possible, we perform this documentation in our traditional country
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Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation
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Lorraine Coppin/Michael Woodley
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08 9182 1497
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08 9182 1035
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We have been supported in our development by a number of organisations including Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Foundation Limited, Western Australian Museum, Woodside Australian Energy, Department of Communications, Immigration, Technology & The Arts, the Shire of Roebourne, the Department of Indigenous Affairs, Pilbara Native Title Service, Department of Environment and Ngarda Civil & Mining Limited.<p> However our budget for development is modest in comparison with many other Australian educational and cultural institutions and we continually search for new sources of investment and expertise to support our work.<p>
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Western Australia - Pilbara