Seeking Partners and Supporters

Australian Indigenous Touch Football Team

Cultural Exchange Tour of New Zealand [1st - 7th April 2008]$1.00 from 60,000 people - Australia wide; OR
$60.00 from 1,000 people - Australia wide; OR
$2,000.00 from 30 organisations - Australia wide
TARGET = $60,000 [2 teams]

That's all it will take - it is very simple and it has worked before!!

Nyikina Cultural Centre

The Project is a model of best practice for improving remote Indigenous life outcomes by providing cultural solutions to promoting social harmony and creating real employment through sustainable cultural industries such as tourism, land care and cultural education.

The Project is a natural and essential development for improving and sustaining social, cultural and economic outcomes of Indigenous people and others in the West Kimberley Region.

It has wide support from various levels of government, business and community interests.

Soul Veg

I want to establish Soulveg as the most innovative and delicious vegetarian restaurant around and show people how much variety and flavour our food has to offer.

The Shine Training Restaurant

The Shine Training Restaurant, will be situated in the town of Sarina in Central Queensland. The concept behind The Shine Training Restaurant, came from my own desire to have a successful small business and to give opportunities to my local indigenous population that were severely lacking. I am a proud indigenous male and I want to give my deadly brothers and sisters, the chance to do something that gives them some self-esteem and self-belief, something they have been told for many years they aren't allowed to have.

Wendy Warrie

Hi my name is Wendy Warrie. I am a Yindjibarndi woman and I was born in Roebourne and I have lived here all my life.<p>

I have four children and a grandson.<p>

I live at Cheeditha Community Roebourne.<p>

My hobbies are art, fishing, reading and going out bush.<p>

I started at Cossack in the year 2001 and before that I was at Minurmarghali Mia Campus doing art.<p>

Wendy Warrie, 2006<p>


Please visit Wendy's online exhibition below<p>

Maudie Jerrold

Born in Wittenoom and raised in the coastal town of Roebourne. Maudie has witnessed and helped guide her community through dramatic lifestyle changes.<p>

Maudies art relates to the landscapes of the Yindjibarndi and Ngarluma country of the Pilbara. Maudie pays specific attention to the fauna of the area, often depicting plants or flowers that have medicinal or ceremonial purpose.<p>

Bujee-Nhoor-Pu, 2006<p>


Please visit Maudie's online exhibition at the following links:<p>

Ricky Scott

I came to the Pilbara in 1998 from Queensland and this is where I am still living today.<p>

I studied Aboriginal law in Roebourne in 2001.<p>

At the beginning of 2002 I came to the Bujee-Nhoorr-Pu studio in Cossack to help with the ongoing establishment of the Art Gallery. It was then that I realized art was a big interest in my life.<p>

I developed skills along the way and I feel I have a good eye for art. Im very enthusiastic in my work.<p>

Leanne Allan

I was born in Roebourne where I am still living today. My Tribe is the Yindjibarndi Tribe.<p>

I have been involved with art since 2002, but I have always been interested since I was a young child.<p>

What got me painting was browsing through other peoples work.<p>

I enjoy drawing as well as painting, but painting I enjoy the most.<p>

I like to experiment with different techniques rather than stick to the same pattern.<p>

Leanne Allan, 2006<p>


Roebourne Girls Group

<a href=""> Watch the fantastic YA MAD FX in action</a>.<p>
Roebourne Girls Group began in July 2004. Its focus is not only to offer leisure activities, but to also provide information sessions and training opportunities. This included topics such as sexual health, drugs and alcohol, protective behaviours, senior first aid training, healthy eating and living skills.<p>

Norman Alone

Originally from the Northern Territory, Normie moved to Roebourne about 18 years ago where he met his wife Kathy (Big sister of the legendary Loreene Samson). Self taught, he has been painting for many years with all manner of styles and subject matter. When hes not fishing, Norm can usually be found painting at the Bujee studio. Norm has sold many works thru our studio to the hordes of tourists that move our way through the winter.<p>

Bujee-Nhoor-Pu 2006<p>
To visit Norman's online exhibition please click on the following links:<p>


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