Leanne Allan

I was born in Roebourne where I am still living today. My Tribe is the Yindjibarndi Tribe.<p>

I have been involved with art since 2002, but I have always been interested since I was a young child.<p>

What got me painting was browsing through other peoples work.<p>

I enjoy drawing as well as painting, but painting I enjoy the most.<p>

I like to experiment with different techniques rather than stick to the same pattern.<p>

Leanne Allan, 2006<p>


Please visit Leanne Allan's online exhibition:<p>
<a href="http://www.isx.org.au/resources/Artworks/1151757483_5573.html"> Leanne Allan 1098; For Sale, $A1000 Framed</a>.<p> To inquire about, or buy works by Leanne Allan please phone Adam Lockhardt or Raelene Saylor at the numbers below.<p>

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Leanne Allan's unique paintings are highly sought after within the Bujee-Nhoor-Pu group based at Cossack about 20 minutes away from Roebourne in Western Australia.
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Adam Lockhardt/Raelene Saylor
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Western Australia - Pilbara