Maudie Jerrold

Born in Wittenoom and raised in the coastal town of Roebourne. Maudie has witnessed and helped guide her community through dramatic lifestyle changes.<p>

Maudies art relates to the landscapes of the Yindjibarndi and Ngarluma country of the Pilbara. Maudie pays specific attention to the fauna of the area, often depicting plants or flowers that have medicinal or ceremonial purpose.<p>

Bujee-Nhoor-Pu, 2006<p>


Please visit Maudie's online exhibition at the following links:<p>

<a href=""> Maudie Jerrold Fortesque Spinifex 1230</a>. Sold.<p>

<a href=""> Maudie Jerrold G1222</a>. For Sale Framed $A2,000<p>

<a href=""> Maudie Jerrold G1272</a>. For Sale Framed $A2,000<p>

<a href=""> Maudie Jerrold G1271</a>. For Sale Framed $A2,500<p>

<a href=""> Maudie Jerrold G1388</a>. For Sale $A1,500<p>

Maudie's art works are currently being uploaded to the internet site.<p>

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Maudie is one of the founding members of one of the regions most recognized and prolific art groups, Bujee-Nhoor-Pu.
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Raelene Saylor/Adam Lockhardt
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Western Australia - Perth