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<a href=""> Watch the fantastic YA MAD FX in action</a>.<p>
Roebourne Girls Group began in July 2004. Its focus is not only to offer leisure activities, but to also provide information sessions and training opportunities. This included topics such as sexual health, drugs and alcohol, protective behaviours, senior first aid training, healthy eating and living skills.<p>
Central to the Girls Group philosophy is the promotion of leadership development, both as individuals and as a group as a whole. <p>
The Roebourne Girls Group is open to all girls aged between 12-18 years living in the Roebourne area. Emphasis is placed on promoting a positive peer culture whereby participants are encouraged to attend school regularly and are not to be involved in the Justice system. The incentives are that the girls are then able to participate in programmes that they have requested and often help to develop. <p>
Thus far the Girls have participated in numerous programs, including Grooming and Deportment, Hip Hop Dancing, a Pilbara Tour and several modelling training sessions with a Modelling Agency. The girls Group, Girls FX also committed to participating in the Young Achievement Australia Business Skills Program which commenced in April 2005. During the Business Skills Program the girls formed a real business, raised capital by selling shares and adopted operation and management roles. Their aim was to conduct research to identify a market niche and design, produce, market and sell a real product or service that created value. In this case, the girls formed the company, YA MAD FX and sold their Modelling and Dance skills as a service, as well as hand made jewellery as part of their merchandising.<p>
This was an amazing opportunity for the girls to learn hands on small business skills, and to compete against other groups on a State and National level. The girls won the Special performance Award at the trade Fair on the 28th August 2005 and the Special Achievement Award at the Awards Night on the 29th October 2005.<p>
More recently the girls were recognised for their outstanding achievements by winning the Group Citizenship Award at the WA Youth Awards in April 2006.<p>
The girls are continuing on with their modelling and dance training and performing at various functions. Two girls have been offered modelling contracts thus far, and the whole group have been asked to model at some fashion shows to be held in Perth. Future projects include a planned International Tour later next year, whereby the girls will travel to various countries to model and shoot an international portfolio.<p>

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Roebourne Girls group has created new strength for young women in Roebourne. Through the group, "YA MAD FX", a modelling agency, started by the young women themselves, has resulted in awards, as well as modelling contracts. PS If you are too old to work this out YA MAD stands for Young Aboriginal Modeling and Dancing!
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