Norman Alone

Originally from the Northern Territory, Normie moved to Roebourne about 18 years ago where he met his wife Kathy (Big sister of the legendary Loreene Samson). Self taught, he has been painting for many years with all manner of styles and subject matter. When hes not fishing, Norm can usually be found painting at the Bujee studio. Norm has sold many works thru our studio to the hordes of tourists that move our way through the winter.<p>

Bujee-Nhoor-Pu 2006<p>
To visit Norman's online exhibition please click on the following links:<p>

<a href=""> Norman Alone 1381; For Sale, $A2,000</a><p>

<a href=""> Norman Alone 1200; For Sale, $A1,500</a><p>

For an appointment to see Norman's works contact Adam Lockhardt or Raelene Saylor at the numbers below.<p>

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Norman Alone is an important member of the very strong Bujee-Nhoor-Pu art group at Cossack.
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Bujee- Nhoor-pu
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Adam Lockhardt/Raelene Saylor
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