Centrefarm Aboriginal Horticulture Ltd

In recent years horticulture has emerged as an important new industry in Central Australia with the potential to provide significant economic and employment opportunities for Aboriginal landowners. <p>
The current industry focus is on production of early maturing table grapes however research by NT Departments responsible for primary industries (DPIFM) has identified citrus, mangoes, tomatoes, asparagus, dates and other commercial crops suitable also.<P>
The Aboriginal Horticulture Strategy recognised the need for a lead agency to promote and drive horticultural development on Aboriginal land in Central Australia. Although a number of agencies and government departments provide expertise, advice and resources, a dedicated body is needed to provide coordination and ensure real outcomes for indigenous landowners. This is the role for which Centrefarm was established. <p>
The Centrefarm Vision is to establish a viable horticulture industry on Aboriginal land in Central Australia that brings Aboriginal people greatest likelihood of economic equity and social opportunity. <p>
Centrefarm will develop sustainable horticultural resources on Aboriginal land whilst maintaining equity in Aboriginal resources to attract substantial commercial investment to the central Australia region enabling significant employment and social opportunity.<p>
Centrefarms main functions are to:<P>
<LI> Identify commercial horticultural opportunities on Aboriginal land ;</LI>
<LI> Inform and advise Aboriginal landowners about horticultural opportunities </LI>
<LI> Seek investment for commercial horticulture on Aboriginal land;</LI>
<LI> Assist indigenous landowners to benefit from commercial horticulture projects through leasing of land and infrastructure, equity, income and employment</LI>
</UL>Centrefarms main activities are:<P>
<UL><LI> As Project Developer on behalf of Indigenous landowners</LI>
<LI> Resource assessment. </LI>
<LI> Assist land owner in principle support. </LI>
<LI> Enable clear availability timelines</LI>
<LI> Define Identifiable Assets </LI>
<LI> Catalogue Identifiable Resources</LI>
<LI> Facilitate investment for commercial horticulture on Aboriginal land</LI>

Project description: 
Centrefarm a non-profit Australian company limited by guarantee (ABN 32 101 614 760) Established by Aboriginal landowners in Central Australia, to drive the development of horticulture on Aboriginal land. The Vision is to establish viable industry on Aboriginal land that brings Aboriginal people greatest likelihood of economic equity and social opportunity.
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David Ross
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