Clifton Mack

Clifton Mack is a Yindjibarndi man born in Roebourne (Iremagadu), Western Australia on 15th September, 1953.<p>
Clifton began painting in mid 2001 when he started a tertiary education course. In just six years he has risen to prominence as an original and innovative artist and is viewed as one of the most exciting, contemporary WA artistic talents. Clifton works from the Bujee-Nhoor-Pu Art centre in Cossack, where he spends almost every day immersed for many hours in painting.<p>
Clifton's works involve much experimentation with colour concepts and he intuitively uses optical colour mixing to create new visual dimensions. He also experiments with complementary colours, monochrones and tones.<p>
Clifton's work is evolving day by day. He produces beautiful works in a very individual style that couples traditional knowledge with non-traditional styles and techniques. Generally he doesn't do preliminary drawings but explores designs that build complexity from fundamental techniques.<p>
Clifton will often spend more than one month on one piece - working to build up five different compositions in layers. He will not consider a painting finished until it 'feels right'.<p>
Clifton's work is of strong interest to art buyers who readily identify the value and quality of his natural ability and style. Clifton received a Commendation for his entry in the 2002 Cossack Art Awards, and bettered this by taking the Award for Best Overall Work in 2003. In 2004 Clifton received the Award for best WA Indigenous Artist.<p>
Bujee-Nhoor-Pu, 2006<p>
Please visit Clifton Mack's online exhibition at the links below:<p>

<a href=""> Clifton Mack 1386, this painting has been sold.</a><p>

<a href=""> Clifton Mack G1401 Mill Stream Waters, for sale $A2,000</a><p>

<a href=""> Clifton Mack 1394, this painting has been sold.</a><p>

<a href=""> Clifton Mack 1335, this painting has been sold.</a><p>

<a href=""> Clifton Mack 1324, this painting has been sold.</a><p>

To make a appointment to see Clifton Mack's works please contact Bujee-Nhoor-Pu through Adam Lockhardt and Raelene Sailor at the phone number below.<p>

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Clifton Mack, winner best WA Indigenous Artist Award 2004, is a major artistic force of the Pilbara. His works grow stronger with each day, he is highly committed to expressing Yindjibarndi culture to the world.
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Adam Lockhardt/Raelene Sailor
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