Indigenous Enterprises Australia (IE)

Indigenous Enterprises (IE) is a dynamic Perth based company that specialises in cultural awareness, education, marketing, art and much more.<p>


IE creates innovative and effective programs, campaigns, alliances, opportunities and partnerships with companies, organizations and communities.<P>

Working together with great Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, organizations and companies, magical things happen.<p>


We strive for quality.<p>

The creative process makes the difference in all we do. This applies to our cultural awareness training workshops and our 2 and 3 day cultural field-trips. <p>

It applies to the Youth Leadership programs we do.<p>

It applies to the consulting, recruitment, outsourcing and communications campaigns we develop for our clients.<p>


IE consults companies on a wide range of Indigenous affairs.<p>

Training, recruitment, contracting, business development, marketing, team-building, native title, art sourcing and the creation of work-of-art-places. <p>

IE consults in one of three ways. Firstly on a daily consulting fee basis e.g. business development. Secondly, where IE is appointed for one project and a one-off fee applies.<p>

Thirdly, where customers retain IE on an annual basis with a monthly retainer fee paid for a bundle of services. <p>


Our 4 hour cultural awareness workshops for groups of up to 20 people are very popular and can be held on site at your office or minesite or off-site at a hotel venue.<p>

Cultural awareness workshops are an Integral part of an ongoing IA process.<p>

Lionore, BHP Billiton-Nickel West, Placer Dome, SilverChain, Roche Mining and many other companies use IE in this area.<p>

<b>field trips</b><p>

IE provides a more in-depth leadership training program which combines cultural awareness workshop with a 2 or 3 day field trip to Moropoi Station in the North East Goldfields of Western Australia. <p>

This field trip for 12 to 40 participants includes visits to spiritual and sacred sites, meetings with elders, bush medicine and bush tucker lectures.<p>


IE helps companies recruit Indigenous job-seekers for trainees, apprentices and cadets.<p>

Our Program Directors show companies how to take advantage of various federal government initiatives, which reward companies for recruiting Indigeous job-seekers.<p>

Using our network of source organizations, we help our customers source good quality candidates.<p>


Using our network of source organizations, IE helps companies source skilled Indigenous tradespeople or other skilled workers.<p>

Using our quality network, we provide good quality candidates.<p>

We also develop marketing programs and advertising materials to be used in both Indigenous and non-Indigenous media.<p>


For companies who use a contracted workforce, IE can introduce quality contractors with skilled Indigenous and non-indigenous workers.<p>

This helps lead contractors who need to include a certain number of workers who are local Indigenous people. <p>

This meets any contractual obligations with regard to Indigenous employment, while certain tasks are outsourced to suitably qualified companies.<p>


We help companies fulfil any contractual obligations, where certain non-core tasks can be outsourced to suitably qualified Indigenous companies or companies who employ a significant number of Indigenous Staff.<p>

In the mining sector, most companies are working with local native-title groups to outsource the provision of certain services to companies linked to local Indigenous communities.<p>

IE consults to provide a quality outcome in this area.<p>



Lionore has outsourced the 2006 Indigenous Affairs Program (IA) program to IE.<p>

This campaign covers recruitment, training, consulting, community programs, contracting, marketing and art.<p>

IE was able to secure West Coast Eagle, David Wirrpunda as Ambassador for the recruitment program. <p>

We also work with former Perth Wildcat, Ricky Grace, in our Youth leadership programs.<p>


IE helps companies develop marketing campaigns for IA programs, which are aimed at both internal and external audiences. <p>

The Cathy Freeman "Fly the Flag" campaign which we developed for the Spotless group is a good example. <p>

Rolling out campaigns like this shows all stakeholders that management is serious about making their Indigenous Affairs (IA) program a great success.<p>

<i>Youth Leadership </i><p>

Supported by BHP Billiton-Nickel West, Lionore and others, our Youth Leadership program is run in conjunction with Ricky Grace's, Role Models WA.<p>

This fun-filled weekend is being held at Morapoi Station from April 7-9 and is open to school students aged 10-14 from Laverton, Leonora, Wiluna and Menzies.<p>

Done in conjunction with the local schools, this free weekend is open to children who attend school every day for the period from February 20 to March 17.<p>


To produce work of quality we need a quality team.<p>

Our Indigenous and non-Indigenous team, which has 80 years experience in related fields, also share a passion about ensuring quality outcomes in the Indigenous Affairs sector.<p>

We work with many Indigenous sports stars and role models like Cathy Freeman, David Wirrpunda, Ricky Grace and others.<p>

"Our Team Works better now" program helps customers create better team performance. We do this in partnership with Teamworks Australia.<p>


In conjunction with native title and Aboriginal Heritage claims expert, John Clarke, IE holds a 2 day workshop on this complex subject.<p>

John has been working in the field for over thirty years and our 2 day workshop helps people from government and the corporate sector better understand the processes and latest developments in this complex field.<p>

IE also helps companies who seek to conclude native title agreements with indigenous groups.<p>


IE provides companies with top quality Indigenous Art both from our own collection and also by sourcing quality Art from top Indigenous artists.<p>

Some of Perth's largest mining companies have sourced art from IE.<p>

These quality pieces of art are available to buy, rent or lease.<p>


We help companies turn their boring work-places into exciting work-of-art-places. <p>

We transform boring work-places into work-of-art-places by painting murals or placing Indigenous art pieces on walls.<p>

These quality pieces of art are available to buy, rent or lease.<p>

Head Office<p>

Suite 7 <br>
30 Terrace Road <br>
East Perth <br>
WA 6004<br>
Australia <br>

Contact details below<p>

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IE creates innovative and effective programs, campaigns, alliances, opportunities and partnerships with companies, organizations and communities. Working together with great Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, organizations and companies, magical things happen
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