Indigenous Enterprises Australia (IE)

Indigenous Enterprises (IE) is a dynamic Perth based company that specialises in cultural awareness, education, marketing, art and much more.<p>


IE creates innovative and effective programs, campaigns, alliances, opportunities and partnerships with companies, organizations and communities.<P>

Working together with great Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, organizations and companies, magical things happen.<p>


We strive for quality.<p>

Goolarri Training

In December 2003 Goolarri Media Enterprises received Registered Training Organisation (RTO) status. <p>

Goolarri Media Enterprises currently has an excellent reputation on the National Training Circuit, for its Reality Based training model and has won the WA State Training Award for Excellence in Sept 2003, and a finalist in the Prime Ministers National Training Awards. <p>


Girroo Gurrll Mija Aboriginal Experience

The project involves the following activities:
<li>horse trail tours interpreted by local traditional custodians of the story places; <li>guided walking track tours with interpretation of rainforest flora and fauna specialising in the language names and traditional methods still practiced today;
<li>kiosk and traditional arts & crafts shop.</ul><p>

Bough Shed Cafe

The enterprise is a cafe that provides not only standard cafe food but will also offer Indigenous dishes and Indigenous experiences for the tourist and domestic market. The essential reason for choosing to sell Indigenous foods and experiences is because research has shown that the Indigenous foods and cultural market is a growing market and there is a potential for <i>Bough Shed Cafe</i> to grow and maximise its profit from this expanding market.<p>

Didjshop Internet Cafe

The Didjshop Internet Cafe promotes and markets Aboriginal Art and culture within a Information technology environment.<p>
The business is designed to maximise the exposure of Aboriginal culture. Customers will find themselves sitting in a cafe enjoying the best coffee available, while doing their internet,viewing Aboriginal Art produced by local artists.<p>
The Market mix includes the three products in one concept. Most customers will do the internet and buy a coffee. Some customers may just want to buy a didjeridu and check their email as well.<p>

Descendance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Theatre

Descendance is Australia's leading international cultural dance Export having toured 18 countries, with a permanent residency at The Red Centre Resort in Alice Springs the world wide demand continues to increase.<p>

Dharnya - Learning

The Yorta Yorta people and Parks Victoria are working towards using Dharnya as a centre for delivering a range of technical and tertiary education programs.<p>
The Dharynya Centre and surrounding Barmah State Forest lie within the traditional territory of the Yorta Yorta people. The Yorta Yorta have occupied this land for thousands of years.<p>
The collective knowledge and skills of the Yorta Yorta people frames the land. They intend to use this knowledge to provide experiences to help participants understand and respect Yorta Yorta culture and land.<p>

Dharnya - Culture

Dharnya is the name for the cultural centre located in a traditional Indigenous meeting area and settlement of the Murray Darling basin. The area was the heartland of a remarkable Indigenous civilisation of to 70,000 Indigenous people, who lived in the vicinity in the time before the coming of Europeans. As a result of the efforts of the contemporary community, Dharnya remains an epicentre of Yorta Yorta cultural heritage. It is an ideal site for learning, for social and environmental business and for celebrating Yorta Yorta culture.

Ganbina Education Training & Employment Achievement Awards

Ganbina was established in 1997, to represent the Indigenous community in the Goulburn Valley. It is recognized that for young people to succeed in the Shepparton and Mooroopna area, they face significant barriers. Additionally, they carry the burden of being leaders and role models.<p>

Ganbina has established awards in the areas of education, training and employment to acknowledge the achievements and efforts of some of these individuals and to encourage them on their journeys forward.<p>

Kimberley Centre for Indigenous and Community Economic Development

The Kimberley Centre for Indigenous and Community Economic Development enables local people to perform their own economic analyses, determine their own goals, and implement their own ideas. Our staff provides training with techniques, concepts, and tools, but local people carry out the project: it is done by them, not to them. The result is ownership of the project and ongoing sustainability


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