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The ISX first supported Kaninda and Lila back in 2007 at the Pilbara Trading Floor held at Roebourne. Then and now it is a remarkable Aboriginal business of inspiration and determination. Soon you will be able to buy Kaninda designs direct from their website. On this page are some historical steps of this remarkable business.

Back in 2007 we wrote:

Lilla Gagliano of Kaninda Designs has certainly thrown herself into the love and business of fashion.


<a href=""> Roebourne Art Group Coordinator Raelene Saylor talks about the philosophy of Roebourne art at the Bujee-Nhoor-Pu studio. </a><p>

Bujee-Nhoor-Pu is a very active arts group based in Cossack. This group have been operating extremely well, with the art centre full week in and week out. The artists have been very productive in their completion of art-work.<p>

Grace Fielding Online Art Exhibition

<h1>Patterns Of Life - <i>Art by Grace Fielding</i></h1><p>

My Soul, My Heart, My Home

Online Exhibition<p>

<a href=""> Salmon Water<a> <small>(Sold Nov 1)</small><p>

<a href=""> Colours of the Country</a> <small>(For Sale On-Line) </small><p>

Girroo Gurrll Mija Aboriginal Experience

The project involves the following activities:
<li>horse trail tours interpreted by local traditional custodians of the story places; <li>guided walking track tours with interpretation of rainforest flora and fauna specialising in the language names and traditional methods still practiced today;
<li>kiosk and traditional arts & crafts shop.</ul><p>

Didjshop Internet Cafe

The Didjshop Internet Cafe promotes and markets Aboriginal Art and culture within a Information technology environment.<p>
The business is designed to maximise the exposure of Aboriginal culture. Customers will find themselves sitting in a cafe enjoying the best coffee available, while doing their internet,viewing Aboriginal Art produced by local artists.<p>
The Market mix includes the three products in one concept. Most customers will do the internet and buy a coffee. Some customers may just want to buy a didjeridu and check their email as well.<p>

Miss Emily Aboriginal Art

Miss Emily Aboriginal Art commenced as a CDEP program approximately 5-6 years ago. After
approximately 3 years Barbara Egan, one of the CDEP participants became the sole
owner of the business. "Miss Emily Aboriginal Art" is registered in Barbara's name.
The business commenced with the manufacturing of hand dyed silk scarves. Framed silk
art work was also produced. This process was supported through training provided by
Sunraysia Institute of TAFE. Business Mentoring support was provided by Madec Jobs


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