Employment and training

Oongkalkada - Centre for Sustainable Living

Our goal is to develop a centre that will provide skills, knowledge and awareness for emerging Indigenous Communities/outstations/new homelands looking at ways to establish their communities for future sustainability using alternative applications of power and water and the establishment of ventures for the focus of sustainability, life style and profit. <p>
The enterprise will hold a sustainable community development focus and provide research and training for Indigenous governance in the areas of:<p><ul>



<li>Providing opportunity for individuals subject to long term unemployment to engage actively in the workforce.
<li>Mentoring and coaching for work readiness
<li>Personal Development (Training, providing opportunity for obtaining various certificates and licenses)
<li>To link them with local business and secure long term employment opportunities.

Ganbina Education Training & Employment Achievement Awards

Ganbina was established in 1997, to represent the Indigenous community in the Goulburn Valley. It is recognized that for young people to succeed in the Shepparton and Mooroopna area, they face significant barriers. Additionally, they carry the burden of being leaders and role models.<p>

Ganbina has established awards in the areas of education, training and employment to acknowledge the achievements and efforts of some of these individuals and to encourage them on their journeys forward.<p>

Ganbina SeatWorks Enterprise

Ganbina (www.ganbina.com.au) has been offered an opportunity to manufacture and distribute a unique patented seat cushion devised by The SeatWorks (www.theseatworks.com.au). Funding to develop a full feasibility study and business plan for this enterprise is required.

Northern Indigenous Pastoral Alliance (NIPA)

At the Yawuru trading floor in May 2004, an exciting new partnership was announced between the Kimberley Aboriginal Pastoralists Assn (KAPA) and the Northern Cattle Alliance (NCA) from Cape York. The Northern Indigenous Pastoral Alliance (NIPA), as the partnership is known, will, among other things, develop a franchise business model for IPEs.
NIPA believes that the franchise model can deliver the possibility of sustainable IPEs by providing all key stakeholders with the incentives, skills and mentoring necessary to direct and manage indigenous cattle enterprises.

Mirrijini Pty Limited

Mirrijini was developed from the successful "pharmacy upgrade project" of the Tiwi Health Board on the Tiwi Islands 80 Kms North West of Darwin. Its features include a software program for dispensing and inventory control; the Websterpak system for long term chronic disease management; the supply of PBS using Section 100 of the National Health Act; and an advisory service from a resident or visiting pharmacist.

Wunan Foundation

Wunan Foundation was established in 1997 by the ATSIC Wunan Regional Council. ATSIC Commissioner Ian Trust was the Founding Chairperson of Wunan Foundation. The key objective of the Foundation is to alleviate poverty amongst Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley by supporting long-term Aboriginal community development. The Foundation seeks to achieve this by raising funds directly and by making investments that will generate long-term economic and employment benefits for Aboriginal people in the region.<p>

Kimberley Centre for Indigenous and Community Economic Development

The Kimberley Centre for Indigenous and Community Economic Development enables local people to perform their own economic analyses, determine their own goals, and implement their own ideas. Our staff provides training with techniques, concepts, and tools, but local people carry out the project: it is done by them, not to them. The result is ownership of the project and ongoing sustainability


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