Caught between two worlds - one ancient, one modern - a family returns to their traditional land to rekindle the sacred wisdom of the past for future generations.

Inspired by the songs and stories of north-eastern Arnhem Land, internationally renowned choreographer Stephen Page combines exhilarating dance and stunning theatricality in Bangarra Dance Theatre's new work, Boomerang.

Boomerang captures the old and the new in powerful visions, revealing the impact of social poisons and the beauty of forgotten rituals.

Annual festival now in its 11th year, held in late November, usually the last week. Sporting and cultural festival including touch footy and relay sprint racing. Includes battles of the states QLD vs NSW touch footy comp. Live music on stage with a free open air concert all weekend. Arts and crafts and community food stalls.

The ancient sound of the yidaki (didgeridoo) is a call to all people to come together in unity; to gather for the sharing
of knowledge and culture; to learn from and listen to one another.<p>
From 59 August 2005, that call will announce the 7th Garma Festival, the largest and most vibrant annual
celebration of Yolngu (Aboriginal people of northeast Arnhem Land) culture and one of Australias major cultural
exchange events, and a model for authentic, insightful Indigenous tourism.<p>

The event will highlight Technology Park's successful model. It will demonstrate the soft and hard infrastructure programs that assist in creating the innovative cluster. Together with Technology Parks and Incubators Australia Ltd, it will raise awareness of dynamic environments within Australia and overseas.