Wha'sup? - TV Minidramas Written and Created by Indigenous Young People

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<i>Wha'sup?</i> is a customary young peoples greeting in the Kimberley. It is a greeting as well as a question about what is happening.<p>
The idea of this project is to empower and engage young, local Indigenous people to talk about their own issues as they work on the development, performance and production of film stories about their experiences.<p>
The series would not be afraid to look at hard issues such as peer pressure, drugs, sexuality, family dysfunction and the many difficult issues involved with growing up between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous worlds.<p>
Each short script, written by young people in their own language and style will dramatize issues and experiences that are relevant to them. Each production will stand alone as well work as a chapter of a full half-hour dramatic production.<p>
The young people involved in the project will receive training and support in all areas as they learn to write their own scripts, and make them into television shorts that can be seen by audiences all over the region and the nation. This initial project will be a pilot with future projects able to be rolled-out in different communities or with different groups of young people.<p>
This pilot project is expected to take one year to complete, from first workshop stage to delivery of final product. The development and production of the stories will be launched with participant workshops to identify key concepts and outlines. Working in tandem with local youth groups and other agencies, participants will be encouraged and mentored from this initial stage. When the stories are complete, production, direction, performance and editing of the material will also follow the lead established by the young people.<p>
Technical expertise and management will be handled by Goolarri who will also manage the training of the young people throughout the project. Goolarris reality-based training program offers a well-established and culturally appropriate avenue for the participants to develop new skills. Experience and outcomes can be identified for each participant through the nationally accredited training units in any or some of the following: script writing, drama performance, direction, camerawork, sound recording, editing.<p>

<a href=" http://www.isx.org.au/resources/clips/1128408953_22619.html "> Preview some recent GTV productions</a><p>

<h2>Supporting and Investing in the Project</h2>

The project requires $250k to fund a year long production schedule.<p>

There are a number of ways that you can help to support the project financially.<p>

The first is by making a tax deductible donation. This project is designed to make a real difference to poverty, suffering and illness both through the issues that it illuminates and the empowerment of young people with new media skills and understanding.<p>

Please note that the Broome Aboriginal Media Association, the parent company of Goolarri Media Enterprises, has Deductible Gift Recipient Status (DGR); under Subdivision 30-BA of the Income Tax Assessments Act 1997 all donations are 100% tax deductible.<p>

<a href="https://www.egive.org.au/egive/payments/new_payment.aspx?id=20">To support <i>Wha'sup?</i> please make a tax deductible donation to BAMA</a><p>

The second way to support <i>Wha'sup?</i> is to become a major sponsor. Here we are seeking financial sponsors who will a substantial sum of the $250,000 need to produce the project. This may include public and private agencies.<p>

Sponsorship benefits are not tax deductible, but the many attractive benefits of sponsorship, which are negotiable depending on the level of sponsorship. These may include:<p>

<li> Formal acknowledgement in the introductory titles and credits of the Series.
<li> Formal acknowledgement in all advertising promoting the series when ever it is aired on Goolarri TV

<a href="https://www.egive.org.au/egive/payments/new_payment.aspx?id=21">Become a sponsor of Wha'Sup?</a><p>

The third way of supporting this project is to become a co-investor in the series. Because of the unique situation of Goolarri Media Enterprises with its ability to command tax deductability for projects that meet social development criteria such as <i>Wha'sup</i> and sponsorship that is separate from investments aimed at generating income, investments in Goolarri productions are most attractive.<p>

Income from Goolarri Media Enterprise productions comes from selling broadcasting rights to commercial or national broadcasters and international broadcasting networks. Goolarri has a strong record of television and film production sales. Investors who provide financial support at the beginning of a profitable project will be eligible to receive income based on the size of their investments.<p>

Prospective investors should call Dot West Director/Head of Production <br>
Tel: (08) 9192 1325<br>
E: dotwest@gme.com.au <p>


Clancy McDowell Producer <br>
Tel: (08) 9192 1325<br>
E: clancy@gme.com.au <p>

in order to discuss more details about this exciting project.

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Donate, sponsor or invest in 6 five minute television segments written, directed and created by Indigenous young people.
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Goolarri Media Enterprises Pty Ltd
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Dot West - Head of Production
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(08) 9192 1325
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(02) 4465 2305
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Goolarri Media Enterprises Pty Ltd - through GTV 35 and its television production fund - is a unique Indigenous owned film and television production company.<p> Goolarri Media Enterprises combines commercial and professional skills with social and cultural responsibility. <i>Wha'sup?</i> is a primary vehicle for demonstrating the two sides of our role. It will be important for the development of the media industry in the northwest and in the empowerment of young Indigenous people who may become the future media professionals.<p> <i>Wha'sup</i> will build creative and technical skills as well as being a social and cultural therapy for a vulnerable sector of the community who are often severely disadvantaged.<p>
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Australia-wide operation<br>Western Australia - Kimberley