Cape York Aquaculture development

Balkanu is aiming to attract investment in fish farming on indigenous lands in Cape York.

Balkanu is an indigenous business development organisation based in Cairns. We work closely with indigenous communities, land trusts, and individuals throughout Cape York. Our objective is the development of new business and investment on the Cape, working with indigenous people to grow the local economy.

Indigenous people on Cape York own and manage large amounts of land, ranging from east and west coast estuary areas, though to the inland Savannah country. Balkanu can facilitate access to indigenous communities and land trust committees.

If you have aquaculture expertise, and are looking for new investment opportunities, whether through Joint Venture partnerships or financial investment, please call Greg Bowman, Business Development Manager, Balkanu Cape York Development on 07 4019 6232.

Project description: 
Commercial scale fish farming has been discussed for many years on Cape York. Balkanu Cape York Development is keen to see commercial investment in aquaculture business on Cape York. Balkanu represents indigenous communities, land trusts and individual land holders across the Cape and can play an intermediary role linking investors with potential indigenous land owners.
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Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation
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Greg Bowman, Business Development Manager, Balkanu Cape York Development.
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07 4019 6232
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0417 755 876
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