Anderleigh Quarry Pty Ltd Indigenous Employment Development Initiative

Anderleigh Quarry believes that learning, education, development and initiative are the key ingredients to undertake an active hands on role in shaping the direction of the communities in which we live. We believe that we must live the values, morals and beliefs we hold to build a strong framework for todays fragile environment to ensure tomorrows community and environmental growth is embraced and is above all sustainable and meaningful.

Anderleigh Quarry (AQ) is a 132 acre property in the Southern Region which offers Qualified Trainers and Operators for mentoring in the development of a variety of skills expanding the availability of a skilled workforce.

AQ is committed to working with Indigenous Australians to strengthen their participation in the Australian economy, recognizing the mutual benefits of indigenous engagement and sustainable local communities respecting the rights and interests of indigenous peoples who will lay strong foundations for intergenerational benefits.

At Anderleigh indigenous youth, men and women will be trained and encouraged to achieve and exceed competencies and acquire skills and practical experience that may be used to gain long term employment opportunities Australia wide in areas of IT, Business fundamentals and Management, Workplace Health & Safety and Heavy Machinery Operation.

Anderleigh Quarry believes that Indigenous Australians, Communities and Businesses are the primary and essential participants for implementation of this project beginning at a local level. Participants aiming for
sustainability of this initiative (EDI) include:

* Indigenous organizations and businesses State and Territory governments and their associated agencies Industry and local government bodies
* Mining and Civil Construction Companies and government supply chains Other employers and companies not associated with mining activities
* Elders and other indigenous leaders in the community.

Anderleigh Quarry is uniquely placed to make a significant contribution to the community where we operate and its intergenerational operations means we can develop long term partnerships to generate improved outcomes for indigenous Queenslanders.


To work with and function as a leader or effective team member with a strong focus on the formation and implementation of professional high quality and successful workable programs for improving and managing our environment with an emphasis on family and community harmony.

To formalize a partnerships between Anderleigh Quarry and other stakeholders to work together and expand the availability of a skilled workforce and build sustainable, prosperous communities in which individuals can be encouraged and supported into employment and business opportunities.


Anderleigh Quarry is committed to work in partnership with Indigenous Australians to create sustainable Indigenous economic development and employment opportunities thus contributing to the building of strong and sustainable Indigenous communities in Queensland.

This focal objective will be achieved through a holistic approach to overcome current impediments and build the capacity of Indigenous Australians through our Indigenous Employment Development Initiative (EDI) in the following areas:

1. Employment in the Mining, Civil and Construction Industry including:
* Flexible provision of pre employment education and training services including unlimited mentoring across personal and professional levels.
* Pathways from education and training to long term mainstream meaningful employment
*Employment opportunities in other co located industries including skills transference to remote communities.

2. Development of meaningful mainstream employment opportunities:
* Lifestyle and family values including healthy living practices
* Living and working together as a community
* Work readiness skills
* Increase employability and job availability for Indigenous Australians

3. Initiative Increasing the prosperity and well being of Indigenous Australians by giving whatever relevant assistance is required to help individuals gain all necessary relevant skills and above all meaningful employment through identification and dissemination of leading practice in Indigenous employment.

Indigenous Australians require to successfully gain employment, beyond those acquired through the formal education and training systems. Anderleigh Quarry therefore commits to develop innovative programs to improve outcomes for Indigenous Australians in the following areas:
* Standards of health and fitness required to obtain and remain in meaningful employment including self esteem and determination
* Attendance, participation, achievement, retention and re engagement in education and training
* Work readiness programs that include the motivation to become and remain engaged in education, training and employment
* Parental and community involvement in education and training
* Customized training pathways that lead to employment and or higher education
* Mentoring and support programs and services to assist indigenous people to successfully complete their education and training
* Commencement and completion of apprenticeships and traineeships including literacy and numeracy.

To build sustainable Indigenous communities is critical that local indigenous people are employed. It is for this reason that Anderleigh Quarry is committed to:
* Increase the number of local indigenous people employed in the resources sector, including related support services industries on site.
*Increase the number of local indigenous people accessing higher level jobs, through the development of career paths across a number of sectors
* Support mentoring programs to assist Indigenous Australians prosper in their employment
* Improve cultural awareness, appreciation and acceptance across the resources sector, for example through: professional development for mining company, Government and indigenous organizations on indigenous community development as it relates to resource projects; and site level strategies to attract, support and retain an indigenous workforce
* Support indigenous Australians to access employment near their community including via suitable transport.

Promote good practice in Indigenous employment

Anderleigh Quarry aims to produce a multiplier effect in generating other economic opportunities and indirect employment in other sectors building prosperous and sustainable indigenous communities that live on beyond the life of mining in our region.

Opportunity exists for expressions of interest from any Department or Organisation to participate in Queenslands first wholly privately owned and operated self-funded quarry which has adopted an Indigenous focused Employment Development Initiative (EDI).

Edi means place of stone. The journey being undertaken in Anderleighs Sandstone Quarry will be filmed and documented so as to learn, appreciate, grow and move forward not backward.

Appreciation and thanks must be given to the number of volunteers and supporters who have given valuable resource, time and guidance to make this project possible. This includes Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), Hon Arch Bevis MP, VERUS Group, AVKO Mining, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Womens Legal Advocacy Service (ATSIWLAS), Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI), Department of Workplace Employment and Industrial Relations, Queensland Training Logistics, Indigenous Enterprise & Training Services, South East Soil Testing, United Synergies, Competitive Allocation for Skills Initiatives, Ngalundo Aboriginal Corporation, Ngunda-Joodoburri Land Trust and Cooloola Aboriginal Services Incorporated.

For expressions of interest and further information about the EDI Project contact the Chief Executive Officer David Peacock on 0434 050 848 or email

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Team Work makes the Dream Work! Anderleigh Quarry - "Working with small groups building trust, loyalty, respect and improved life skills to engage mainstream learning and work."
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Gubi Gubi
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David Peacock
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0434 050 848
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