Fitzroy XPress

Fitzroy Xpress are Danny Marr, Alan McLarty, Raymond Marr, Victor (Lane) Marr, Waylon Marr and Danny Keogh. Their music is a unique blend of country, rocknroll and reggae. They are living legends throughout the Kimberley region in Western Australia. Hailing from Darlngunaya community near Fitzroy Crossing, they formed the band over 20 years ago whilst they were still at school.<p>

Fitzroy Xpress music is unique and so is their songwriting, with all of the band picking their favourite things like hunting, and writing some lyrics about it.<p>

Bough Shed Cafe

The enterprise is a cafe that provides not only standard cafe food but will also offer Indigenous dishes and Indigenous experiences for the tourist and domestic market. The essential reason for choosing to sell Indigenous foods and experiences is because research has shown that the Indigenous foods and cultural market is a growing market and there is a potential for <i>Bough Shed Cafe</i> to grow and maximise its profit from this expanding market.<p>

Descendance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Theatre

Descendance is Australia's leading international cultural dance Export having toured 18 countries, with a permanent residency at The Red Centre Resort in Alice Springs the world wide demand continues to increase.<p>

Gimme Music

Goolarri Media Enterprises Pty Ltd is building a phased development of its music arm <i>Gimme Music</i>. As <i>Gimme Music</i> develops Goolarri is seeking expressions of interest from potential partners and joint venture investors to develop the production, publishing and marketing side of its music business.<p>

<i>Gimme Music</i> is based upon the the Gimme Music production facilities as well as the development of the Gimme Music publishing group and Label.<p>


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