Hairdressing salon / Training of indigeneous apprentices

I am a qualified Hairstylist of 20 years. Former apprentice of the year and i have my certificate 1V workplace training and assessment.I have been hairdressing in Sydney, London, Paris Newcastle and Broome. I have found a home here in Broome and i have been welcomed much to my honour.I have seen within the hairdressing industry lots of young indigenous people loose enthusiasm as they must go to perth for one month, taking them away from friends and family and lending the experience to new unfavourable ideas.I am passionate about hairdressing and i know the benifits of this trade. ie the ability to have time off and then return, working mums, or from home. It is a very handy trade to have. Broome is a wonderful place but lacks the facilities to train on the job and qualify hairdressers and beauty. With my qualifications and experince i would love the opportunity to develope thie hair salon and rto.

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I see a very strong need for an indigenous training centre for the hair and beauty industry.As i am a full qualified hairdresser and former apprentice of the year i have been hairdressing in Broome and aquired alot of personal clients and some kind of training facility for local indigenous people wishing to get into the industry.Without having to leave family and study in Perth for block release trainig.
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West Kimberley
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Western Australia - Kimberley