$10K - $20K

TRYP (To Reach Your Potential)


TRYP (To Reach Your Potential) is the brain child of Col Watego, a proud Bundjalung and Torres Strait Island man with a distinguished 39 year career in the Australian military.

1,000 Flowers

I'd like to share my vision with you and invite you to spread the word across your networks, and to be part of an upcoming event called 1,000 Flowers.

Timothy Buthimang

Timothy Buthimang is an inspiring Yolngu Elder working tirelessly to create a market garden that will provide fresh healthy produce to his community and meaningful employment for his family.

Valery's Southern Cross Family Car Service

Valery Dhamarrandji loves to drive.

The idea of Valerys Southern Cross family transport is an innovative solution to the high costs of transport for an extended Aboriginal family in Nhulunbuy.

Currently many of the 200 odd residents at Wallaby Beach pay a $50 one way taxi fare to the town of Nhulunbuy where the major shopping and administrative services for the area are located.
Only a few families can afford motor cars.

Australian Communcation Network Representative

ACN ( Australian Communication Network ) is a global Telecommuncations Network, which provides the latest digital software, for home & businesses. ACN Headquarters has been based in Sydney, Australia, since 1983, and only has a small percentage of the telecommuncations Networks next to other giants; such as Telstra. ACN is known for their global recognition, and opportunities exist for customers who either want to become Representatives or customers.

Calling Names

The crippling disease of racism finds its way into the school yard in this short drama. The story revolves around three twelve year old children who offer their own version of dealing with racism. Friends and potential darlings are lost, pride goes down the gurgler adn embarrassing moments arise.

More details of the script and its development can be obtained by calling Dot West at Goolarri Media as below.

<h3>Production Information</h3><p>

Julbunj Ngarrmun Tourism Program

<b>Project Name/Title: Julbunj Ngarrmun Tourism Program<br>
Estimated Start Date: July 2004<br>
Estimated Completion Date: Oct 2004<br>
Total Budget: $21297 (exclusive of GST) <br>
ISX Funds Requested: $10,776.70</b><p>

Norman Creek Tourism Pathways Program

First listed Yawuru Trading Floor<p>
<b>Estimated Start Date: July 2004<br>
Estimated Completion Date: Dec 2004<br>
Total Budget: $ 25,097 (exclusive of GST)<br>
Investment Sought through ISX: $14,076.70<p></b>

Djugarargyn Bush Retreat and Cultural Walks

First listed Yawuru Trading Floor<p>
<b>Estimated Start Date: July 2004<br>
Estimated Completion Date: Dec 2004<br>
Total Budget: $21,497 (exclusive of GST)<br>
ISX Funds Requested: $11,326.70 (inclusive OF GST)</b><p>

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