Valery's Southern Cross Family Car Service

Valery Dhamarrandji loves to drive.

The idea of Valerys Southern Cross family transport is an innovative solution to the high costs of transport for an extended Aboriginal family in Nhulunbuy.

Currently many of the 200 odd residents at Wallaby Beach pay a $50 one way taxi fare to the town of Nhulunbuy where the major shopping and administrative services for the area are located.
Only a few families can afford motor cars.

The accumulated cost over a week in the community is at minimum $2000 between 15-20 families or as much as 20 per cent of the overall community family income each week.

If Valery, who has a light rigid drivers licence, were operating a family transport service on a demand basis for morning, lunch and early evening the savings could be as much as 90 per cent for families.

Plus it would allow Valery to maintain her vehicle well and allow her to do what she loves best driving to support her family.

This is a unique solution to one communitys problems because Valery is a unique individual.
However the Valery solution may well be a path breaker: to reduce carbon levels to 2000 levels an enormous 60% of passenger traffic must shift from cars to rail and bus. Public and private transport options as they are currently structured and operated cannot meet this goal.

How it would work

Voluntary not for profit, informal family service operating on demand in the morning, mid-day and evening.

Family members would make a voluntary donation of $10 per return journey to Nhulunbury and Yirrikala towards public liability and insurance, fuel and maintenance and a small voluntary donation for Valerys time.

No donation, No drive.

Valery has right of refusal to operate the family service at any time.

Why it would work

The right person for the right opportunity.
Highly capable driver.
Valery will not be humbugged and family members will protect her.
Valery will call the shots and others will fall into line
Pride in the vehicle and in serving family
Valerys love of driving
Lead by a powerful person who is greatly respected by all in her community.
Absolutely no night driving.

Why hasn't it been tried before

Governments, shires and corporations can see the forest but they cant see what is going on under the trees
Governments, shires and corporations cannot be seen to be favouring individuals and therefore cannot tailor make a solution to a person or empower the right person for the job
Governments, shires and corporations often come up with solutions that involve no personal investment and therefore fail.
Governments, shires and corporations often generalise from past successes and failures and lack the ability to get down to the detail of what is required.
Governments, shires and corporations often look to institutions modeled on their own structures and cannot innovate.

How you can help?

We are looking for a person, corporation or business to donate a vehicle directly to Valerys ownership.
The vehicle should be capable of being driven by a light rigid licence holder.
The vehicle should be second hand, in good condition, be fully registered and have all seat belts and other necessary safety equipment on board.

Thank you for your interest.

Project description: 
The idea of Valerys Southern Cross family car service is an innovative solution to the high costs of transport for an extended Aboriginal family in Nhulunbuy.
Lead Organisation: 
Galpu Clan Wallaby Beach Nhulunbuy
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Peter Botsman, Voluntary Secretary, ISX
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(02) 4465 1665
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Second hand 20 seater Toyota Coaster $20,000-32,000 Second hand Toyota Hiace 13 seater $20,000-29,990 Second hand Mazda T3500 12 seater $10,000-19,900 Second hand Mercedes Benz LO812 $15,000-20,000 Kia 18 passenger bus $10,000-15000
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Northern Territory - East Arnhem Land