Batumbil Burarrwanga

Batumbil Burrarwanga

The ISX is running a series of campaigns to ensure that Mata Mata (Yirritja) and Gikal (Dhuwa) are established as foundation centres for two way learning: traditional Yolngu culture/mainstream Western culture. As part of our campaigns we are supporting the senior leaders of the respective homelands, Batumbil Burrarwanga and Djalu Gurruwiwi, as national living treasures. We know that by supporting these eminent leaders it is the fastest way to support the broad community and the clan groups associated with them. In addition to supporting the senior leaders we are also running campaigns to improve infrastructure and to establish educational and art enterprises that will provide much needed income for community members.

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Mata Mata Homelands
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ISX Secretary
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North East Arnhem Land
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This campaign is about turning the dream of Mata Mata as a place of two way learning into a reality.