Indigenous Economic Development

Ganbina SeatWorks Enterprise

Ganbina ( has been offered an opportunity to manufacture and distribute a unique patented seat cushion devised by The SeatWorks ( Funding to develop a full feasibility study and business plan for this enterprise is required.

Northern Indigenous Pastoral Alliance (NIPA)

At the Yawuru trading floor in May 2004, an exciting new partnership was announced between the Kimberley Aboriginal Pastoralists Assn (KAPA) and the Northern Cattle Alliance (NCA) from Cape York. The Northern Indigenous Pastoral Alliance (NIPA), as the partnership is known, will, among other things, develop a franchise business model for IPEs.
NIPA believes that the franchise model can deliver the possibility of sustainable IPEs by providing all key stakeholders with the incentives, skills and mentoring necessary to direct and manage indigenous cattle enterprises.


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