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Goolarri Media Enterprises is one of the most vibrant Indigenous media and communications enterprises in Australia. With only a very small budget Goolarri has proved that it has the know-how, spirit and culture to become a major Indigenous enterprise. Because of our unique location in Broome, our strong connections with communities across the top end of Australia, the successes we have had in mainstream radio and television and our industry-based training and education strategy, Goolarri is a magnet for Indigenous young people from all over Australia. We are seeking partners to create the very best infrastructure and equipment to support the young people that are emerging through Goolarri's media training and experiences.<p>
Goolarri seeks expressions of interest from investors including universities, training institutions, government agencies and private equity partners to create a media knowledge centre that builds on Goolarri's already strong training and media enterprises.<p>
Goolarri owns its own premises [freehold with no encumbrances] and substantial additions are required to accommodate new industries and training centre of excellence.<p>
Our Vision is for the Goolarri Media Knowledge Centre to provide a Culturally dynamic, technically efficient, aesthetically pleasing, open house environment to stimulate and support the Cultural strengths of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait people of the Kimberley region and a place for all Australians to come and learn and participate in the development of Media, Communications and the Arts.<p>

The Goolarri Centre will incorporate facilities for Media and Multi Media production, digital sound recording, and performing Arts training and house leading edge, integrated computer technology, to enable productions of quality and value. <p>

Goolarri would welcome approaches by universities, training institutions and serious investors and potential equity partners to discuss the detailed plans for the Goolarri Media and Knowledge Centre.<p>


Goolarri Media Enterprises is a fully owned Indigenous company through the Broome Aboriginal Media Association (BAMA) and was launched in 1991 after ten years of community discussion about the need for an Indigenous media service for the rapidly growing town of Broome. Goolarri Media facilitates and manages the development of both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous media and communications in the Kimberley region and has a partnership with the Broome Musicians Aboriginal Corporation to assist in the development and ongoing enhancement of Indigenous music and musicians in the area.<p>

<h2>Profiling the Best that Broome has to Offer
Over the past decade Goolarri Media has established itself as the premium source of locally focused community information and entertainment. Radio Goolarri 99.7fm and GTV35 provide both locals and tourists with a fascinating insight into everyday life in the region by discovering the people, the culture, the history and the beauty of this unique area and bringing it to life through effective community based programs.

<h2>Radio Goolarri 99.7fm</h2>

Radio Goolarri made its first historical broadcast on August 24, 1991 from the ABC studios in Broome and since 1998 the station has been broadcasting a full time service under its own community radio license. The radio station is a vehicle for social, cultural and political voices and an arena for traditional language, music and culture at the same time as broadcasting contemporary forms of artistic expression. Its a place where Aboriginal people can tell their own stories in their own way and where Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people can unite.

<h2>Television GTV 35</h2>

Goolarri TV (GTV35) is a local Broome television service and operates a 24-hour television channel with a mix of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous programs, generated locally and providing an insight into the culture and lifestyle of Broome. This insightful content and unique cultural format has ensured ever-increasing popularity of GTV 35 with both locals and visitors alike. The popularity of GTV 35 has been further increased through the nationally acclaimed programs produced by Goolarri Media such as The Mary G Television Show, Peeping thru the Louvres and Me and You documentaries for SBS. With an enthusiastic community following and an information hungry tourist market GTV 35 presents local business with the opportunity to showcase their products and services in the highly credible and effective television medium.

<h2>PAKAM Network</h2>

The PAKAM network, located within Goolarri Media, provides a full time satellite delivered radio service for more than twenty communities throughout the Kimberley and Pilbara regions. It also provides a means for the six town based radio stations and thirteen BRACS community stations to share radio programming around the region and nationally with program links to the National Indigenous Radio Service and CAAMA.

<h2>Goolarri Events Management</h2>

Goolarri Media Enterprises (GME) Events Management department has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the creation, planning, coordinating and implementation of festivals and events. The events department is made up of a group of people selected for specializing in their specific roles, creating an entirely self sufficient team with the capabilities to execute any major event.

With the recent expansion of the Goolarri events area from the Gimme Gimme Shed to the newly grassed Goolarri Outdoor Venue, there is now a larger demand for use of these venues from the community and visiting groups. The Gimme Gimme Club and the Goolarri Outdoor Venue are located inside the Goolarri Media grounds and showcase national and international live music acts.

Special Events including concerts throughout the Shinju Matsuri Festival, the Indigenous Arts and Cultural Festival Stompem Ground, NAIDOC Week, Battle of the Bands, Free Family Concerts and the Indo Pacific Festival scheduled for 2006 are among a variety of special events targeted towards locals, visitors and tourists here and abroad.

In addition, the Gimme Gimme Club plays host to the Country Club a popular Country and Western Music Night on the last Friday of every month, attracting a diverse audience of established locals and visitors to Broome. Due to the constant demand by musicians from different musical genres to perform at the Gimme Club, we have recently developed Gimme Music Presents. evenings scheduled once a month. This gives visiting bands and up and coming local acts the opportunity to make regular stage appearances in a relaxed, comfortable environment working with skilled sound and lighting technicians.

Due to the cross media capabilities available at GME we are able to promote each event throughout Broome and surrounding areas on both the radio and television networks ensuring a steady stream of attendees to all Goolarri managed events.

<h2>Music Recording and Rehearsal Studio</h2>

As part of their service to the community, Goolarri have on-site studios which allow local musicians to rehearse, record albums, develop skills and train in the music industry. Goolarri Music through its partnership with BMAC have produced a number of albums including, Full Moon Over Broome, Didjun, Mystic, Songs from the heart and many others. <p>

<h2>Goolarri Training
Goolarri Training is reality based training for culturally diverse students. In December 2003 Goolarri Media received RTO (Registered Training Organisation) status, placing the organisation perfectly to deliver nationally recognised media training to people of the Kimberley region of Western Australia.
The Reality Based training model that Goolarri has developed is unique and accommodates the specific training needs of Indigenous and mainstream media in a regional and remote context. The Reality based training model also reflects Goolarri Media's strong commitment to fostering new leaders in the area of communications, media and the arts who will confidently tackle the discussions and independent narratives of Indigenous Australia, diversity, remoteness, and the North West of WA in the public domain both now and into the future.

<h2>Information Technology
The IT department at Goolarri Media offers Information Technology and network support to businesses around the Broome community. Services vary from basic desktop support through to computer network design and implementation projects. We also offer web page design services in co-ordination with our graphics department, as well as on-site video conferencing facilities that are available for hire.

<h2>New Media and Graphics</h2>

The Goolarri Graphics department is a small but dynamic unit covering all the New Media and Graphic requirements of the organisation. The unit is responsible for the graphic design and production of posters and marketing material for events, title and graphic requirements for Goolarri television, and also all graphic and titles required for television, documentary and DVD productions.
Utilising the latest in software, the PC based set up operates at industry standards, with the capabilities of DVD and web page format and production. The Goolarri graphics and New Media department has been involved in exciting projects, including producing marketing material for Stompem Ground Festival in Broome, and designing graphics for Goolarri Television.
For some deep thinking on Goolarri's raison d'etre see <a href="">Dot West's 1993 Boyer Lecture </a>


For more details regarding Goolarri Media Enterprises visit You can also contact Kira Fong on (08) 9192 1325 or send an email to for more information.<p>

Address: 7 Blackman Street, Broome WA 6725<p>

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Contact: Kira Fong

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Goolarri Media are specialists at making things happen from thin air, but the time has come to invest in the very best buildings and infrastructure to support the young people entering the media industry through our doors. Goolarri is seeking expressions of interest from education, private equity and industry partners to work with us to create the Goolarri Media Knowledge Centre.
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