Djerrkura Alliance - Partnership for the Future

Scott Chapman, Damien Djerrkura, Michael Martin

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When you look back at the history of Indigenous enterprises in Australia you find many models of incorporation. Those companies that have been genuine partnerships between first rate private corporations and talented Indigenous entrepreneurs and leaders have generally had the highest levels of success. Ngarda Civil and Mining is one of the outstanding examples of recent times.<p>
The evidence suggests that where Indigenous talent and leadership is independent and rewarded and the business supports, but is separated from commmunity and other political issues, there is a high potential for success. The evidence also suggests that where high quality private enterprises and corporations have a joint interest with Indigenous communities in delivering results, projects and work together then the greatest progress is made for all parties. Sure royalties and profits may arise for Indigenous people but only if they are directly involved in making projects work.<p>
The Djerrkura Alliance combines three resources:<p>

* <a href="">Damien Djerrkura</a> is one of the outstanding graduates and workers of the Arnhem region. Damien saw his father, Gatjil, create Yolngu Business Enterprises (YBE) and he worked full time at (the now Rio Tinto) Alcan near Nhulumbuy over many years. He has a vision of the next phase of Indigenous work development through the Alliance as a for profit company that hires workers, pays them fairly, and skills them on the job. <p>

* Deltareef Construction and its CEO Michael Martin are greatly respected for their friendship with, and employment of, Yolngu people, as well as the excellence of their construction work. Michael is very much a part of the Yolngu community and he has worked for some decades now to create long term craft and skill pathways for Yolngu people. He finds the contradiction between meeting commercial tender requirements and the need to provide long construction apprenticeships frustrating. The Alliance will enable this to be overcome by building in the capacity for long term apprenticeships that will enable employees to reach the highest trade levels of the construction industry.

* East Arm Civil is owned and operated by local East Arnhem Land civil works specialist and Director of East Arm Civil, Scott Chapman. Scott has 20 years experience in East Arnhem Land and the Top End undertaking major civil works projects within the construction industry. He brings a unique capacity to tender, win and undertake high level projects. Scott is also deeply committed to ensuring that work from local people benefits Yolngu people now and into the future.<p>

Following the successful Ngarda model the strategy is to begin by winning long term (4 year) contracts for small to medium sized construction, civil and ground maintenance services including:<p>

<li>Building and Construction works</li><br>
<li>Machine Operations including Backhoe, Bobcat (Skid Steer), Loader, Dozer, Grader, Road Roller and up to HR Truck Operations</li><br>
<li>Ground Maintenance Services including Lawn Mowing, Whipper Snipping, Tree Lopping, Minor Landscaping Operations and Fencing Operations</li><br>
<li>Road Maintenance (Unsealed) building and restoring Operations</li><br>
<li>Road Furniture Maintenance including signage, guideposts and removal of vegetation</li><br>
<li>High level of safety and awareness</li><p>

One of the important elements of the Alliance's ability to provide commercial excellence as well as training and employment pathways will be its success in obtaining long term 4 year contracts. This provides the three partner companies with the security and tenure to provide full apprenticeship and skill development opportunities as well as all the benefits of full time active work.<p>

Ngarda Civil and Mining's important partnership with BHP in Port Hedland is a model agreement that has enabled Indigenous employees to ride through the economic recession with guaranteed employment and important training and career development opportunities. "These are the type of outcomes we want to achieve through the Alliance" says Mr. Djerrkura.<p>

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When a young Indigenous leader, Damien Djerrkura, combines with arguably Arnhem Land's best Indigenous oriented building firm, Deltareef, and one of its most respected civil works companies then a commercial alliance capable of achieving great results for Indigenous peoples' economic development has emerged. The Djerrkura Construction and Civil Works Alliance is now actively tendering for work in Arnhem Land. Watch the results.
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Djerrkura Enterprises Pty Ltd, Deltareef Pty Ltd, East Arm Civil Pty Ltd
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Damien Djerrkura
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4 Year contracts in a range of construction, civil works and site maintenance activities.
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Northern Territory<br>Northern Territory - East Arnhem Land