Briez Turbine


* Rotor Diameter 1,200mm
* Weight 70 kg
* Length 2.0 meters
* Start up Speed: 2.0 m/s
* Rated Power 1.0kW/h
* Blade Multi-Blade
* Average Daily Power Produced (23.89m/s) 7.5 kW
* Kilowatt Hours Per Month 228.16kW at 14 km/h or 3.89 m/s
* Warranty 2 Years

The Briez Turbine is a project being promoted and developed by Peter Moore an Indigenous entrepreneur based in Nowra, NSW. Peter is keen to talk to anyone interested in purchasing the product.

The Briez Turbine can be mounted or sited on a free standing pole, on the side of a building or mounted on to framework. For light industrial and commercial settings it can be custom fit to site.

The package available has six parts: A Blade, Nacelle, Tail Section, Controller, Batteries and Cabling.

The unit's indoor controller or control panel provides the following information to the user:

* Wind Speed
* Power Generation - Wind
* Power Generation - Solar
* Battery Status
* Available Power
* Power Usage
* Total Kilowatt Hours
* Peak Amps
* Peak and Average Wind
* System Status Information
* Energy Meter - Graph and Stats
* Alarms
* Cent-o-meter - the $$Dollars per hour you save

The Grid Connected Inverter System is designed exclusively for Briez. Its features include:

* Wind and Solar Conncection Inputs
* 3 Phase Regulation
* Solar Regulation
* Wind Speed Brake
* Intelligent Battery Charging & Management System
* Optional Mains Charging of Batteries
* High Efficiency Designs
* AC & DC Circuit Breakers
* Optional connection to Indoor Control unit via cabled or RF communication
* Internal Wall Mounting Unit
* Stand Alone Operation

The Grid Connected Inverter System would interface with the Indoor Control Panel to provide operational information to the householder.

Other Highlights

* Average power produced per day, based on the Bureau of Meteorology wind statistics for Sydney is 7.5 kW per day

* Annually this equates to 2738 kW or a savings of 3 Tonne of CO2 per year

* This also represents approximately double the electricity produced by a 1 kW Photovoltaic (solar ) System.

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Promoted by Indigenous entrepreneur Peter Moore, the Briez Turbine is a major innovation in power generation ideal for outstations, remote communities or for people who just want to save on their energy bills!!
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Briez Pty Ltd
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Peter Moore
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Inquiries from remote communities, Indigenous mining and housing operations are welcome.
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Australia-wide operation