Tarwirri Sponsorship Prospectus

Tarwirri members undertaking winter internship with Allens Arthur Robinson law firm 2010
Tarwirri members at Apology Day event 2008

<a href="http://www.isx.org.au/data/resources/files/Tarwirri_Sponsorship.pdf"> Propsectus for Tawirri Investment/Sponsorship</a>

Tarwirri provides a variety of support programs to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the legal profession in Victoria. The Association is unique, and has strong affiliations with both non-Indigenous legal professionals and Indigenous community organisations across Victoria. Tarwirri has one staff member and a committee comprising Indigenous law students and legal professionals. The Association has influential contacts through its Elders and Respected Persons Panel, which has six judicial officers and five respected Aboriginal Elders from the Victorian community. Tarwirri is seeking sponsorsjip for the purposes of continuing and expanding its operations.

Project description: 
The Indigenous Law Students & Lawyers Association of Victoria-Tarwirri are seeking private sponsorship towards continued operations.
Lead Organisation: 
Tarwirri (Victoria)
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Contact Name: 
Aislinn Martin
Contact Phone: 
03 9607 9474
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03 9607 9438
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Three tiers of sponsorship are available, and all sponsorship will be used towards operational costs.
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Victoria - State-wide