Socially Responsible Investment


The award-winning GreenMoney Journal has its Spring 2005 "Socially Responsible Investing: The Triple Bottom Line - People, Planet, and Profits" issue, now online at-

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In the issue, which continues our 13th year, you'll find a variety of world perspectives on SRI. We begin with 'Slow Money' by Investors Circle's Woody Tasch; followed by long time SRI financial planner and author Jack Brill, who explains his SRI mutual fund ratings featured on GreenMoney's mutual fund chart; SRI leader Peter Kinder teaches us a hopeful lesson in political history; we take a look at the fast-growing community investing segment of SRI with the CRA Fund; then Melissa Brown of ASRIA explores SRI in Asia; and finally, William Baue of looks inside Calvert's Sustainability Report.

If you want to get the 32-page print version of the issue, we have created a secure way for you to subscribe to the GreenMoney Journal online at- See details below.

You will also find an extensive set of 'exclusively online' articles including: The Socially Responsible "Investee" by Zhena Muzyka; Corporate Responsibility: A fad or a way of life? by Gareth Llewellyn; If You Fall On the Ground, Stand Up By the Ground by Marc Lesser; and overview of the forthcoming EnvironDesign9 Conference as well as the ever-informative GreenMoney Calendar of worldwide Green events.

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