Mowing- A- Long - (Chewyings Lawn & Horticulture)

Large acreage in the Shoalhaven region

Mowing-a-long is a mainstream, estalished lawn mowing and gardening business in the Shoalhaven area of NSW. The business is a one man operation at present, and Chewying's have been offering support to the business for the past 12 months. This support includes access to the Chewyings online portal, polices and procedures, and staff when needed. Whilst this buiness is in direct competition to Chewying's the two businesses work together to support each other in a unique partnership. By supporting this business, the benefits flow through to the staff at Chewyings also. This business requires a restructuring of its client portfolio so its future growth and viability are sustained. We would request support in the form of lawn mowing (large and small) and gardening work in the local Shoalhaven area.

Project description: 
Small lawn mowing and gardening in the Shoalhaven region of NSW.
Lead Organisation: 
Yuin Nation Chewyings Lawn and Horticulture
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Robert Chewying
Contact Phone: 
02 4423
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02 4423 1054
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NSW - Shoalhaven