KultureJam works to address social, cultural and economic disadvantage and inequality in Indigenous communities.

Our aim is to further the economic, social and cultural development of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people through the promotion and support of Australian Indigenous music, art and cultural heritage initiatives.

KultureJam's aims are to:

  • encourage economic self-sufficiency in Indigenous communities
  • develop successful cultural tourism ventures in this region
  • advocate for and on behalf of Indigenous artists across Western Australia.
  • support the development of Indigenous traditional and contemporary art forms.
  • help enrich and preserve Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island culture.
  • improve the opportunity for Indigenous youth in the music, arts & cultural tourism industries.
  • support Indigenous artists and performers in their efforts to practice and promote their cultural heritage.

KultureJam specific objectives are to:

  • Advocate for and on behalf of Indigenous musicians, artists and performers.
  • Promote a positive and professional approach through our services, programs and initiatives the delivery and development of independent Indigenous artists and performers in local as well as global markets.
  • Raise the level of awareness in the local as well as international community as to the high quality of Indigenous talent in this region and across the state.
  • Offer support and guidance to Indigenous artists in managing their careers and future aspirations in a culturally appropriate and professional manner.
  • Create through our services, programs and initiatives sustainable economic and employment opportunities for Indigenous people in particular youth.
  • Be an access point for the non-Indigenous community in engaging and experiencing both traditional and contemporary forms of Indigenous music, art and culture throughout Australia to make Indigenous culture more accessible to mainstream society.


  • Ensure the rights of Indigenous artists and performers to their own cultural heritage is protected and maintained.
  • Recognise the rights of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people to be the true and original custodians of this land we now call Australia.
  • Acknowledge the right of consent by Indigenous artists and performers as paramount to any work that incorporates the use of any form of Indigenous cultural heritage.
  • Maintain the integrity and authenticity of cultural heritage particularly regarding the performance and exhibition of Indigenous works through close consultation with artists and communities.
  • Accept the right of Indigenous people to control their own work.


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P.O Box 5, Leederville Western Australia,

6007 300 Oxford Street, Leederville Western Australia

E: info@kulturejam.com

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Addressing social, cultural and economic disadvantage and inequality in our community. To provide culturally appropriate support services for Aboriginal Men by Aboriginal Men. To encourage improving knowledge and understanding for Aboriginal Men in taking control of their own health and well being. To empower Role Models in our community to take charge and show leadership and strength. To work to build a better future connected to their culture, families and community. We will do this by providing a safe, non-judgemental space for Aboriginal men in our community to come to and feel they can take back control of their lives and future destiny with the on-going support from other men and associated support services. "To start a conversation about what's important and what needs to be done"
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Craig Collins
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0428 810 445
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0428 810 445
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We are looking for partnerships to develop and strengthen our capacity to deliver effective and efficient culturally appropriate services and programs to our community that focus on building resilience and strength within the community for individuals and groups of people; to achieve their aim. Support with; Seed Funding for Capital infrastructure, resources and program support. Direct Resources support for equipment requirements for camping on country.
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Western Australia - Perth Western Australia - South West
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To develop and maintain an Aboriginal men's group in Perth for the support and benefit of Aboriginal Men and Boys in the Perth and surrounding regions. Although in the initial stages we are seeking resources and funding support to better establish our program of Men's camps in our region and other associated health and well being programs specific for Aboriginal men in our community. To empower leaders to take control of their situations and lives. To be better role models in our communities and for our families.
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Aboriginal Men's Group