Bringing George and Lily Home

"I just want to get back on my own soil where I can move around". George Fisher Sept 2010
The site of the original house cleared and ready for rebuilding

It's been over two years since George and Lily Fishers' historic Daintree home burned down. The Mossman community have rallied to the cause raising over $14,000 for a building fund to rebuild their home.

The ISX has long had the view that home ownership is a vital part of the 'closing the gap' project for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. But in the Fishers' case it is about having the comfort of spending the years ahead in their own house on their own land.

As George says "I just want to get back on my own soil and earth where I can move around".

The first task of helping the Fishers is to raise approximately $150,0000 to enable George and Lily to build a modest three bedroom home on their block.

The ISX will establish a bank account for all donations to the Fisher's rebuilding fund and we will keep you informed of the progress we are making. There are a number of building companies, architects, plumbers and electricians ready to join with the Kuku Yalanji people of Mossman to pitch in to complete the house by July 2011.

But we need your help to raise the necessary revenue.

The Fishers Home Rebuilding Fund will take the form of a no interest loan to George and Lily and their family. We will ask them to make very small payments over the next 25 years but we do not expect George and Lily to pay the whole loan back in their life times.

Any sum that is paid back will be devoted to a no-interest loan scheme for building more homes and acquiring freehold land for Aboriginal families in the Mossman area.

The ISX aims to establish no or low interest loan funds for low cost housing in key Aboriginal communities over the next few years and we think it is fitting to start this project off by raising funds for George and Lily.

Over the past twelve months the site of the original fire has been cleared and is now ready for building.

The plan is to build a smart energy efficient house, such as those recently showcased by remotehousingaustralia which many see as the proto type for low cost remote area housing. In building the Fishers new house we would like to provide an example of what can be done for other Indigenous families.

We hope you will join us to support George and Lily, no donation is too small. If you would like to transfer funds directly to support the Fisher Rebuilding Strategy you can send them to the ISX, Commonwealth Bank, Account No 062585 10501153. Please make sure that you note "Fisher Rebuilding Fund" in your transaction description.

This project is being supported by the Yalanjiwarra Jalunji Marrjanga Aboriginal Corporation
PO Box 601
(07) 4098 3698

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July 24 2008 was a day that George and Lily Fisher will never forget. Their historic Daintree house was burned to the ground in an hour. For two years now the Aboriginal community of Mossman have rallied to the cause raising $14,000 for them to rebuild on their freehold land. The ISX wants to give them a hand to get their house financed and built by June 2011.
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