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Pollyanna Limited is an international company providing Boat Rental Franchise opportunities to indigenous persons and groups in water-and-sun tourism locations around the world. Our prime objective is to provide business and entrepreneurial opportunities to persons and groups that would not otherwise have access to the experience, capital resources, business processes and marketing and advertising required to establish a sustainable and profitable business. Our preference is to deal primarily with indigenous communities, where this is possible. By becoming a part of the Pollyanna network, all of these elements are taken care of: we provide a full business pack, including computer programs, booking systems, international marketing and advertising to make the Pollyanna Boat Rental services an integral part of vacation planning, management support services to ensure that the businesses are run on a state-of-the-art basis, ensuring that the quality offered is to the high standards of the modern international tourist.
Pollyanna offers purpose-built boats, designed for the boat rental market, with a high degree of safety and convenience. The boats may be self-drive, or Captained by a well-trained local person, who manages the boat, provides lessons in how the boat is operated, and acts as a knowledgeable tour guide, making the areas attractions an important part of the vacation experience. The boat has a level of equipment designed to attract the vacationer back, to repeat the experience, and this equipment is mirrored in the take-away documentation, which cements the vacation experiences in the mind of the customer.
The business is profitable, often in excess of the profit-earning possibilities present in a small community. We create and agree a budget with you before any contractual commitment is entered.
Pollyanna businesses create opportunities for extended vacation services such as bed-and-breakfast establishments and restaurants at local stopping places. The existence of a Pollyanna Franchise encourages the development of these services in out-of-the-way locations, which would not otherwise be accessible to vacationers.
Pollyanna is a substantial benefit to local communities, as well as to Pollyanna Franchisees, and a significant contributor to the tourism market offering of an area, to the local culture, making the people, the places and the culture real and accessible to tourists.
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An international tourism-related company seeks indigenous business partners in sun-and-sea areas. We supply the technology and systems, train you to satisfy the vacation aspirations of tourists and you provide the sweat equity. Worldwide advertising and sales provided. An opportunity to improve your business prospects and benefit your community.
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