Billys Lawn and Garden run

Mowing Acreage in the Shoalhaven

This business is being developed as a social micro family business. Chewying's have been mentoring this business for some 8 months and now would like to acquire more work so that the business can develop in an organic way. Billy is an indigenous man who is very keen to assist young people to move out of the welfare trap and into mainstream employment, whilst being supported by the Chewying's business methodology.

Project description: 
Billy wants to start a business helping juvenile justice kids. This is a unique opportunity to help the Shoalhaven region meet the demands of such a project. Chewyings Lawn and Horticulture is asking for support in the form of lawm mowing and gardening work.
Lead Organisation: 
Yuin Nation Chewyings Lawn and Horticulture
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Robert Chewying
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02 4423 1084
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1413 88 4567
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02 4423 1054
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NSW - Shoalhaven