Indigenous sport & recreational fitness

Learning to play the didgeridoo, boomerang, or clapping sticks is a great way to stay healthy and keep fit.

Just by trying to learn a few things about these 3 artefacts can inspire and motivate you into a new way of thinking.

It is not only your birthright as an Australian to learn about them, but it is also another way to enjoy the cultural significance of your own undertanding.

As well as experiencing the respect for our own traditional knowledge, we pay tribute to our culture by teaching others the foundations of cultural heritage and wisdom.

Some individual themes are always seen as important to foundational learning, and the importance of this can be promoted by 'throwing a boomerang' or 'playing a didgeridoo'.

Corrobboree College' is aimed towards helping others gain a healthier respect for Indigenous Australians by acknowledging how we interpret our own identities and then by interelating modern influences.

As another proud Australian organisation 'Corrobboree College believes in reconciliation, and it is only with the full participation of High Schools, can we look to advancing on with these positive actions.

'Corrobboree College' are recognised as a leading organisation who can lead non-indigenous people onto an overall adjustment in the way that we should talk about traditional histories, and when we are all finally doing more than just offering others a chance to interpret indigenous artefacts we can expect a better outcome for all.

So, why not come in and try our three ways of learning program.

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