Inaugural Saltwater Music Festival Broome

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Sunday, March 11, 2012
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Dearest music lovers, accidental contacts and best friends ever:

Please find attached the latest line-up of our fantastic international music festival here in Broome in 2 weeks..

Starting at 1pm with two stages and giving the over-talented, ex-firebreathing/Mexican circus clown, one man musical freak Scotland's Rory McLeod his usual 2 straight hours of incredibleness to finish at 9pm, the day's music is truly remarkable.

Lucky to have our resident folkloric hero and dead-set saltwater music legend Steve Pigram as a co-headliner, if you are lucky enough to be here you will enjoy a sneak preview of his first solo album. Steve is a family man, a poet, a fisherman, a lover of life, passionate about
injustice, and one of the nation's great guitar and ukulele players.

His is the Saltwater voice, and ours is the absolute privilege.

Borrowed from the mighty freshwater Fitzroy River & recently
re-discovered living a life of bush-tucker and verandah music, the songwriter's songwriter Patrick Davies brings his deep shadows and light sparkles of the life and concerns of an indigenous community leader to the Saltwater stage. If Patrick wasn't literally battling for his community people everyday in the Fitzroy Valley, he would be out there on the world stage, affecting millions with his poetry and voice. A rare opportunity to see him in full flight, a sight and sound to behold.

Glenn Skuthorpe is my countryman from Goodooga and comes from the great NSW Western lands tradition of song, campfire and eternal truths. Winning ABC JJJ awards and featuring on the main stages of just about all of the nation's biggest music festivals, Glenn is excited to visit Broome for the first time and release his brand new album at Saltwater. Expect a heart-reaching, resonate voice with the
spirit of Eucalypts and black cockatoos in the morning.

Naomi Pigram is a saltwater child and songwriting prodigy. Her songwriting is confronting, gritty: laced with the coal-face reality of life in a western Kimberley town. Her album "Other side of Town" is beautiful and touching at the same time, not angry, as maybe it could be, but realistic and bedded in the ancient rock of family, culture and country. I've never heard something that so perfectly, gently
exposed, like a sub-1 metre tide, how it feels to live somewhere. She's every bit a star, maybe reluctant, but blessed with that thing that timeless music has. Sorry, you'll just have to hear her for yourself!

Harry Jakamarra is a smiling banjo and guitar poet-fiend/crocodile skinner that has been raised on a diet of the best soul singers, multi-instrumentalists, and singer-songwriter activists of the globe. Armed with his little brother Bert, an angry little f*&^#%r on the drums and needing a guardian to perform, these Brothers put the monk
in punk. Its raw, its humorous, its family, its organic, it surfs, is biodegradable and it kicks arse. And he has one of my favourite 2012/13 album releases as a preview of BIG things to come.. and they're from Broome, I can't wait!

When the Northern Territory's Col Fitz rang me to ask about Saltwater, I heard the old dogs of Broome start their howling. Col was booked at the 100,000 people + Woodford Folk Festival this year with his son as "Hatz Fitz" a must see Blues extravaganza of the highest order. In what kind of sounds like a blues song from Hades, the Woodford dream became a nightmare what with rolling cars and then recovery in Broome. Now we have him here, fired up and ready to paint our stage blue. I expect a Blues Explosion of the highest order. And the water is blue. Thanks for surviving Col. May your skies be blue too, well, after the wet season that is.

Albert Wiggan needs no introduction to the ten's thousands of Australians who know him from his quick wit and fiery exchanges with Politicians of all walks of life on youtube, Federation Square's concert for the Kimberley and on tour with some bloke named Xavier Rudd. As a singer-songwriter with a gift of touching people's hearts, I saw people jump to their feet at last years Nannup Music Festival when he finished, touched by his young-wise words and obviously moved and invigorated to take on some personal challenge. Performing with his band of Beagle Bay Brothers, including left-handed-up-side-down guitarist Arnold Mackenzie and his son Chicko on the drums, expect these guys to lift the roof.

Trevor Ishiguchi is a cuddly teddy bear of great music! He sings, in a pitch perfect and crystal clear voice about his sisters, his old people, his family, his children, his country, his life. It's probably the closest thing to radio friendly pop music you can find in the Kimberley, and don't blame me if you spend the rest of your days humming his melodies as you walk along. 'Less is more, and simple is
unforgettable' seems to be his motto, and by dang it works for me! I can't wait to hear your response!

Tanya Ransom is just at home in Melbourne's uber-chic hot spots as she is on the endless beaches of Broome. With a thumping stomp and a rock steady right hand, she is a talent who has obviously honed her craft with the intention of winning her audience's trendy bar by trendy bar. And by golly she rocks it for us Broome mob! Her mate Steve Angoorly similarly thumps out a guitar/stomp head nodding sound that see's him booked regularly on the local scene. Fantastic musicians and fine soul-friendly Saltwater exponents!

Kevin Birch is an instrumentalist. When I first met him, with grey dreadlocks down to his butt and a smashed Yamaha acoustic, sitting around a blazing fire of Mangrove drift wood, a loose skinned Japanese fighting dog at his feet and an impossibly rusted 4 wheel drive as his chariot, I couldn't believe my ears. How the hell did someone live
here, in Beagle Bay, home of the Saltwater countryman, and emit such a frenzied and technically perfect explosion of open-tuned madness? I still can't work it out so I've booked him for the Festival, hoping you can help me on this one. Brilliant, bizarre, slightly sideshow, but right on the money.

The Mexicans were not very good at schoolwork, so they now play reggae. Featuring the original Saltwater (Philippine/Portuguese/Aboriginal) kids Bart and Lloyd Pigram, me (the Mexican), Marcus (The African), Carsten (The German), we are lookingforward to bringing a smile to your face as you run to the dance floor wondering how the United Nation's allowed such un-probable melody makers like us loose. Too much fun!

With an open-mic/chalk board as our second stage, I expect the likes of Mowanjum's brilliant and genuine rock-god: Ashley Oobagooma, and the recently-back-from-Tamworth "Red Alert" to let it rip in the Diver's Bar, along with any local musos willing and able.

At $10, you will have to agree that over 15 acts is bordering on the obscenely cheap, but that's how we roll. For the people, by the people, because of the people and .. well I cant think of anything else.. but by golly, as an Inaugural gig, it's gunna be fun!

If you made it this far down the page you might as well keep going and make some travel arrangements and get your self and friends to this gig, it's going to be a cracker!

Lots of love and musical good things in your life..