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Aboriginal art, that is tens of thousands of years old
Aboriginal art, that is tens of thousands of years old

'One of Australia's Ultimate Must-Do Experiences' 2006<p>
Located outside Hope Vale Aboriginal Community, and thirty minutes drive from the small and friendly historical township of Cooktown, the Nugal-warra rock art sites are set in a dramatic landscape with stunning views. They reflect the Laura rock art style, while depicting the historical events, myths and legends particular to the Nugal-warra people, members of the Guugu Yimithirr tribe whose nation extends from the Annan River to the Jeanie River north of Starcke.<p>

Guurrbi Tours offers a rare opportunity to walk with Willie Gordon, a Nugal-warra Elder, on his traditional lands, and to see the rock art through his eyes, and to learn why the paintings conservation is of such importance to the Nugal-warra people.<p>
Previously inaccessible to visitors, the multitude of rock art sites are steeped in stories of both cultural and spiritual significance, and include the Reconciliation Cave, which portrays a heart-warming story of acceptance and compassion, and an ancestral Birthing Cave which is a place of particular importance to the clan. <p>
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