Gaywu (Dillybag) Women's Cultural Experience - Bawaka Cultural Experiences

Bawaka Homeland is located on the beachfront in Port Bradshaw south of Nhulunbuy, North East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Access is usually by 4WD, the scenic trip takes approximately 90 minutes from Nhulunbuy (45 mins on dirt road and 45 mins on sand). Helicopter and boat access is also available.<p>
Bawaka offers a beautiful tropical paradise with very limited access by visitors. It has unspoilt beaches, spectacular cliff-top ocean views, vast areas of bushland and an amazing array of marine life. There are two resident houses (approximately 10 residents) and several other old buildings. Power is supplied via a solar system and back up generator, a bore supplies ample fresh water. <p>
The earliest history of Eastern Arnhem Land is recorded in the paintings, dances and songs of the Yolngu, which tell of creation ancestors bringing lands and waters, people, animals and plants into being and laying down the Law that governs them all. The Law defines who owns and manages the lands and waters, essential features of Yolngu identity and culture. Arnhem Land is one of the few areas in Australia where Aboriginal people still live a traditional life and maintain a strong culture. <p>


Dates: Please contact Lirrwi Yolngu Tourism Aboriginal Corporation for 2011 program dates<p>

$1,100.00 / person<p>

<b>Program Description</b><p>

This intimate program takes women visitors on a spiritual and cultural journey with Yolngu women of North-East Arnhem Land to be enriched by their stories, traditions, knowledge and ways of life on their homeland of Bawaka in the Northern Territory.
Step into one of the most ancient cultures in the world as the Yolngu women welcome you into their daily life. Sit with them to learn about basket weaving techniques that are interwoven with powerful stories and tradition; gather medicinal plants for traditional healing methods; listen to their stories and learn about the language, relationships and ceremonies. Feel the womens spiritual connection to the land and sea and discover the magic of dawn at a special morning session. Participants of the Gaywu (Dillybag) Womens Program will develop a special connection with the Yolngu women, the land and the sea in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Bawaka in Port Bradshaw, is an idyllic tropical paradise perched on the edge of the Gulf of Carpentaria, blessed with pristine white beaches and untouched bushland.
To get the most out of your visit, you are encouraged to reset your clock to Yolngu time where there is no fixed schedule. Let the land dictate your activities as you relax and enjoy the days as they unfold. <p>

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Bawaka Cultural Experiences Womens Program, is a gift of friendship, knowledge and strength to women visitors.This program will build a positive future for our children and grandchildren, by strengthening our culture and creating economic independence. Our vision holds all women and families, our country our culture, our knowledge and our stories.
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Lirrwi Yolngu Tourism Aboriginal Corporation
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Karen Young
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